Conscious Living, Release the Divine Goddess from Within – Part 2 – What is Conscious Living? Who you really are?

In this series of articles my aim is to introduce you to conscious living and help you to redefine the image in your head about what you are capable of doing.

Conscious living is being aware of who you are. When you are aware you can take responsibility for your actions making conscious decisions about what you eat by choosing the best nutrition for yourself, how you think by making sure you use the power of your mind to create positive changes in and around you. Also you can consciously decide to keep local shops in business by buying your necessary items from them, and most importantly control your emotions, what you feel and do in order to create a happy and rewarding life for yourself baring in mind the other people around you and contributing to a better world on a bigger scale of things. It sounds nice. Right? But why would you want to do that?

Why should you make an effort to change some of your habits and make life style changes?

At the beginning of my spiritual journey although I have found great motivation in reading books, and listening to online seminars about spirituality I still had many unanswered questions and I am sure you feel the same. I felt like I was an Alien. I knew somehow I have to find the answer how to mould together these seemingly different worlds, the material one I have been living in by then for 40 years and this  new spiritual world. Then one night I was listening to Gregg Braden’s seminar and the picture started to come together. I have found the missing link, and I’d like to share with you his views about this subject, which had an impact on how I think about life and our role in it.

As you experience it every day we are living in a world full of outdated systems, which seems to be falling apart, like the economy, the political systems, even the weather system. Everything is in turmoil and it looks like every area of our life is out of hand in every part of the world. At the same time many people are experiencing something positive is happening.

We are living on the Earth at an exceptional moment and circumstances, which humanity never had before. We are experiencing a Quantum Shift, a wonderful chance for people to make a positive impact on their own life and future. This is the first time in history when humanity both has the knowledge and the technology to enter a new era. We sense that deep inside we are so much more than we led to believe. Therefore we owe it to ourselves to know who we really are.

Do you know who you are?

I assume you said yes, but if your answer was a no don’t worry, that’s absolutely normal, I am about to tell you who you are anyway. Every one of us has a sense of who we are shaped by our upbringing, social background, religion, and culture… Did you notice when you start describing what you think who you are, for example I am an accountant, a loving mom and wife, an amazing friend etc. it turns out to be a never ending description, because if you just take one of those categories, they won’t describe all the different aspects of who you are. So how can you describe yourself? Let me help you here.

How does this sound? You are a human being. That’s a general, wide enough category to fit in everything you believe you are. I can almost hear you asking now and what about spirituality, how does that fit in?  You are right. What about this then? You are a spiritual being, a divine being having a human experience. That means you have a human side i.e. you are seeking for pleasure in life and trying to avoid pain, and you also have a spiritual side i.e. deep inside you lives your spirit, the divine in you, waiting to be consciously discovered by you. You might have already experienced it when “you were in the zone”, when you felt guided, when you listened to your intuition, in these occasions you actually were in touch with this divine centre of yours, your Higher Self.

Right now most people are still not aware. They are focused on their human side feeling pain, anger, fear, having concerns, wanting to get specific outcome and feeling secure by trying to control everything and everyone in their life. They are the victims of their own emotions. When you are aware, you can feel inner peace because the divine part of you knows that everything is unfolding the way it needs to be and everything is moving into a magnificent time of full awakening. Sounds good?

So let’s say you decide to live your life consciously, how can it possibly have a big enough impact on anything to make a change?

Look at it this way. You have friends; you have family, colleagues, and many other people who you have everyday contact with.  If you do change little things, like the way you think, the way you handle your emotions, the effects will spread out. Your opinion and actions will change other people’s behaviour and beliefs. When enough of us have the right intention, the right way of expressing our emotions and we all speak our truth then thanks for our conscious positive efforts amazing changes can take place…

In the next article I would like to share with you more wonders of spirituality and the energy world and explain it in more detail what your emotions and your thoughts have to do with conscious living.

Talk to you soon.

With love and light


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