Conscious Living, Release the Divine Goddess from Within – Part 3 – How your thoughts and emotions effect your life?

In my previous article I have mentioned Gregg Braden’s seminar, which shed a light on the information that helped me to link together the material and spiritual worlds inside me. Here are some more of his interesting explanations in my interpretation.

For about 300 years there was a big gap between science and spirituality. Virtually science has thrown out everything that existed until then, including spirituality. Science didn’t accept anything that they had no proof for, that they couldn’t experiment with. They made many assumptions about our world and the human body. They thought everything is separate from everything else i.e. what is happening at one place that event has nothing to do with another one. Perhaps they look like they have some effect on each other, but that is simply coincidence. From our point of view there is another very interesting one. They thought our feelings and emotions work inside our body and have no impact on our world. You have guessed it they were wrong in both cases!

What your thoughts and feelings have to do with conscious living?

Everything in our world is made up of tiny atoms, your body, the plants around you, the table, your laptop, the food you eat, absolutely everything. Everything is energy. There are different density energies, the ones you can see, such as your physical body. You might have heard of the human Aura and the Chakra and Meridian systems. They are all part of our energy system, which only very few people able to see or sense.

The aura is the energy field around us, made up of different density energy layers. The Chakras are the energy centres of our body. This complex system enables the universal life force, the energy to flow through our body and keep us alive. On the other hand our energy is distributed to our environment through our energy system. When we are happy we radiate high frequency energy to everything and everyone in our surroundings. When we feel anger or fear though our energy is vibrating on a low frequency. The aim is to raise our energy to be able to experience love, joy, success and abundance in life.

For a long time scientists believed that our brain is responsible for our actions. It does have an electro-magnetic field and the brain waves can be measured. What is really interesting though now scientists are able to measure how our emotions have an impact on the heart field. It turned out to be “The heart is 100 times stronger electrically and up to 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain”. (Gregg Braden)

There are many organisations focusing on connecting people all around the world, such as the Global Coherence Initiative and HeartMath®. Studies has shown when a certain number of people create a precise emotion at a given moment that emotion can influence the very field that sustains life on our planet, so everyone can benefit from it. Therefore that shows we are all linked together via the electromagnetic field. What happens to one of us that makes on impact on others. What we feel is indeed not locked into our body it radiates to our environment whether it is fear or love they will be sensed by others and will shape the world around us. This is why it is so important to make conscious decisions about how you feel and how you think and create our future together. What happens is depends on us! The question is will we be able to make those positive changes? If we consciously work on them yes, we can do it. This is why I wanted to talk to you about it.

In my next article I will let you know how we can work together to release the Divine Goddess from inside.

With love and light


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