Feel Good Crystals – Boost My Self-Esteem

Many women are struggling with low self-esteem. Some hides their insecurity away by being controlling and never admitting it to anyone. Some just quietly serves others; following other people’s dreams by putting themselves last and thinking they do not worth or deserve more from their life. There are many ways of improving self-esteem; one of them is using the assistance of healing crystals.

Hematite is a fantastic crystal for women, helping to boost self-esteem, removing self-limitations and enhancing confidence.

It is known as The Stone of the Mind, as it stimulates concentration and enhances memory. It also helps optimism. This is a great starting point for implementing positive thinking.

It is also known as The Stone of Willpower, because it is enhancing will and courage.

Hematite is an excellent grounding stone, protects the soul and grounds it back to the body. It keeps away negative energies and helps create harmony within.

It is the Birthstone for Gemini (21st May – 22nd June) and Aries (21st March – 19th April).

Other Properties:  This stone is exceptionally good for anaemia as it stimulates the absorption of iron. It is also thought to be good for anxiety, leg cramps, Reynaud’s Disease and poor circulation. It helps you organise the mind so is good for anyone who has to do mathematics or work on technical subjects. Hematite is also thought to be good for insomnia and spinal alignment and can be used to cool fevers when given as an elixir.

How to use healing stones?

My preferred way of using a healing crystal is actually wearing it as a necklace, pendant and or a bracelet. This is the best way of keeping it in your aura, therefore getting the most out of their healing vibration.

If you do not like jewellery or have small children around you, you still can keep the stone in your aura by putting your stone into your pocket.

Keeping a crystal on your bedside table can have a positive impact on you too.

Please note healing crystals are powerful minerals. The bigger their size the more powerful their effect will be.

For better results you can meditate with your crystals, you can tune into them and charge them. For more information on this subject, please visit my workshop.

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