Reiki Taster Sessions and Great Value Healing Packages at Spiritual Wonders

It is Reiki Awareness week, as announced by the UK Reiki Federation. I wrote about it recently, so it is partly a little reminder for you; partly I would like to share some great news with you.

First of all drop in and experience Reiki with qualified therapists in Wendover Library Room on Thursday 9th June between 16:00 – 19:30 and Friday 10th June between 13:00 – 15:00. Donations can be made to Chilterns MS Centre. You don’t need to book an appointment, just come along.

Here comes the news! To make this week really special I have put together some great value Reiki Healing packages for you to choose from at Spiritual Wonders. They are different from the ones are open for the public. These 1 to 1 taster sessions are designed to focus on you. These private discussions are about issues need addressing in your life, whether it’s a physical pain, an emotional problem or something in your spiritual development.

In my healing room you really can forget about the stressful world. I will take you to the world of tranquillity. Usually during a full healing session, which is 45 – 60 minutes my clients are so relaxed they fall asleep. This is not any kind of sleep though, it is a deep, relaxing sleep, one hour of it is equivalent with four hours good night sleep. Well, during the taster session even if you can’t fall asleep you will be able to experience how Reiki feels.

Usually after the first full Reiki session you will feel very relaxed and full of energy. After you get back to your normal life the extra energy wears off very quickly, depending on your age, life style, environment, etc. Normally it takes about four sessions to awaken your body’s own healing power and enable you to fully enjoy the advantages of Reiki.

Choose the Gold or Platinum 1 to 1 Tasters and enjoy a full Reiki session for half price.

Reiki Taster – 1 to 1, Silver: 
35 minutes taster session: 15 minutes consultation for free + 20 minutes healing for £10.00

Reiki Taster – 1 to 1, Gold: 
60 minutes Reiki session: 15 minutes consultation for free + 45 minutes healing for £22.50

Reiki Taster – 1 to 1, Platinum:
75 minutes Reiki session: 15 minutes consultation for free + 60 minutes healing for £30.00

This can get even better. If you try out any of the above taster sessions I give you the opportunity on the day to sign up for 3 more sessions for 15% off the full price! This way you can save £42.00 on the set of 60 minutes sessions and £57.00 on the set of 75 minutes sessions.

So how can Reiki change your life?

  • You will think more positively and be able to cope better with life’s daily challenges
  • You will be vitalised and feel full of energy
  • Your physical pain will be eased and after some more session may disappear
  • Your memory will improve, therefore you will find solutions for problems much easier
  • Your creativity will be enhanced, you might take up new hobbies or decide to go for a new job
  • You will feel calmer and deeply relaxed
  • Your stress level will significantly decrease
  • You will gain self confidence and take responsibility for your own life
  • Your self- and spiritual- development will speed up 
  • Or maybe you can attract the right partner in your life.

There is no risk involved! And it all possible! What are you waiting for?

I work in Thame, Oxfordshire. For more information, to enquire or book a Reiki session with me, please send me an email to  or call me on 07905 806383.

I look forward to meeting you.


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