The Story of The Walking Runes

This is a fascinating story of Andrew Joseph, the transforming and healing journey of one of my friends, who in this article shares with you his experiences and how he created his own Walking Runes readings, which you could benefit from if you could meet him at one of the Psychic Fayres he is attending on a monthly basis.

According to Wikipedia “The runic alphabets are a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet… ”   Runes were not only a writing system though, they were and are still being used for divination or even magic. Are you interested in how this ancient system and Andrew’s intuition inspired the birth of the Walking Runes? Keep reading! Below you can find his whole article published.

The walking Runes

Ancient guidance for modern times

Andrew Joseph

The Story of the Walking Runes

For many years I had led a safe life that gave me many great joys (my children for example) but I had always been aware of this nagging doubt that I was actually doing what I was supposed to be doing in this world.

The radical change came for me when I decided to walk the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, this 500 mile pilgrimage along an ancient lay line had held a draw for me since I had read The Pilgrimage by the spiritual writer Paulo Coelho, I had never had the space do take the journey until I found myself without excuse in the late Autumn of 2008 when I and two friends set off the walk the first 200 miles across two weeks.

In the end, It took me three years to complete my Camino, which was an incredible experience, powerfully transforming and healing.   As I walked I picked up stones along the way I had an idea about making the stones into a set of Runes that I could use to
make readings with.  Inspired by the story of Odin who is credited with the creation of the first set of Runes after hanging upside down for three days and nights without food and water.

The first Rune I saw was the Fire stone, and after I had picked that up it became clear to me that the stones would become Runes in their own right from this journey. Meanings came from the stones themselves , the experiences along the way and the people I met on my journey.

Stones like the Fire and Ice rune came pretty much fully formed, helped by my knowledge of Tarot and the elemental forces around us.  The Fire Stone symbolised the passion and energy of our true creativity and Ice Rune the deep well of emotion that can stop us in our tracks when we least expect it.

Other stones are deeply linked to people, my friend found the Acceptance Stone and its meaning is taken in no small part from my experience of acceptance “warts and all” by him.  The “Unusual” stone came to me by an unusual route given to me by a Hungarian traveller who insisted I take the crystal he had bought  all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to give to me.

Sometimes the journey itself would inform the meaning for example the “Decision Stone” (or Switch Stone as it is sometimes called) came from the experience of wrestling with a difficult decision and realising there was no right answer other than to decide and, more importantly, to stick to the decision, as I reached this realisation I looked down at my feet lay the stone that with is simple shape reflected the clarity and direction I now felt having decided what to do.

Other meanings came later as I sorted through the stones I had gathered each day gazing at their shapes and the patterns upon them, ideas and images formed and then welded to the stones, helped later by my partner, Hana and her deep knowledge of folk lore, stones like “Dancing with Dragons” took on deeper meanings that describe complicated relationships and the ties that can bind us to others.

The stones that make up the Walking Runes are a gift from the earth; they have been waiting millions of years to be uncovered. My gratitude for finding them and the journey that led me to them is immense, they do not appeal to everyone but for a great many people their grounded , natural energy provides guidance and clarity at difficult times.

The Walking Runes as they ended in Satiago de Copostella

A Walking Rune Reading

I give readings with the Walking Runes using a rune board (Created by Hana M lee) The different areas of the board are linked to different aspects of the person for example: the past, relationships with others, future influences etc,

This enables the broard meanings of the stones to be clearly defined when the stones fall. I use their position on the board, how they fall (e.g. inverted, hidden, etc) and their relation to the other stones on the board to make the reading. This makes the readings specific to the querient’s circumstances rather than relying on rigid meanings.

Sun Rune Board

For example: the Ice rune landing (or more interestingly being placed) across the Sun rune could indicate old memories getting in the way the person experiencing joy.

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Article and Photographs: Copyright Andrew Joseph 2012

Please note the Walking Runes and Rune Boards are the creative and intelectual property of Andrew Joseph and Hana M Lee of

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