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Spiritual Wonders’ 2nd Birthday is on 1st December 2012. Originally I started off this business by providing Reiki Therapy and selling gemstone gift items in my web shop. In the last 2 years Spiritual Wonders have come a long way. By learning more about your issues and health problems I have managed to set up this blog and a Facebook page to provide you with information about complementary healing therapies, ideas and gifts.

I realised that more and more of you have the need of finding new ways of relaxation, or aiming to find your inner peace and trying to get rid of  not just your physical ailments, but emotional baggages too, which you carried around often for decades. Therefore I expanded and tailor-made my healing techniques to meet your needs using visualization techniques, grounding exercises, colour therapy, Tree of Life Healing along with Reiki therapy. I also allocated time from the beginning of this year for distant Reiki Healing for free, and I am so pleased I could help so many of you inspite of the fact I have never met you face to face.

Seeing what a big impact healing crystals can make on the human energy field I went back to my roots and started designing and making jewelleries with healing crystals this time. Creating these jewelleries gave me lots of pleasure, and it is so wonderful to see how much you love them and appreciated not just their design, but their healing power as well.

I also started attending Psychic Fayres and Shopping evenings with my jewelleries and offering Reiki taster sessions. These fayres have such a wonderful atmosphere. There are talented healers, Tarot card readers at these events, and the energy and the love in the room is so beautiful to feel…

Reiki therapy brought me some amazing clients too, who I am very grateful for. Some of them even became my friends after the treatments. Getting to know them better and being able to help them by offering healing tools or simply just deep relaxation to them, made me so happy and reassured me what I am doing is very much needed. One of these wonderful ladies gave me a beautiful present, a poem she wrote about Reiki and her healing journey. You can read some of it at the end of this post.

I am very grateful and I’d like to say thank you to all of you, who I could connect with in the last two years for all your help and support.

Please help my mission of spreading the word about natural healing energies by clicking LIKE on my Facebook page: Spiritual Wonders – Energy, Healing, Consciousness. As a reward you will be entered to a prize draw with a chance to win £20.00 worth of Spiritual Wonders voucher. I will notify you via Facebook, if you are the winner. You can use this voucher towards your Reiki treatment. In 2012 a 45 minutes healing session costs only £20.00 It is a bargain on its own. Win the voucher and enjoy this relaxing, healing energy for free. If you are further away or more interested in healing crystals you could use your £20.00 voucher to choose from beautiful, unique, hand-made crystal jewelleries or gemstone gift items instead, from our online store, in person in Thame or at one of our fayres in Oxfordshire. Prize Draw: 1stDecember 2012, valid until 1st March 2013. Web Shop: www.spiritual-wonders.co.uk

With love

Eva x

Here is the poem I mentioned earlier:

“… My tummy struggles
For this is where my pain sits
It causes me pain
And has me in bits

Enough is enough
I thought one day
This cannot continue
There is another way

Then I found Reiki
Or perhaps reiki found me
I was to start on a journey
A journey for me

The lady was Eva
She seemed calm and so nice
I thought I’d see her once
But it’s been more than twice

I thought it may help me
To calm my tum
But wow what a journey
I found peace with my mum

Her hands were so warm
I could feel the heat
On my face, my body
Even my feet

The healing process
Was much deeper than I thought
Sometimes I’d be happy
With the things that it brought

The sensation of her healing
Flushed through my whole being
Connecting with energies
And strange things I was seeing

After the session
I felt all brand new
We’d talk through my journey
And how the things were so true

I’d leave feeling happy, light and feeling free
But this was just the start
Of this epic journey

Soon the next day
I’d feel so tired and low
I was healing inside
My body wanted me to know

I’d ground myself each day
With the exercises she gave
I’d face in to my healing
It made me feel brave

3 days of tiredness
I would just rest and take it steady
As my energies balanced
And my mind became ready

Then on day 4, well
I would be springy and feel strong
Like I’d dumped loads of baggage
That I’d carried for so long

It gave me the courage
And the belief I could heal
Already I’m a better person
This I can feel

I’m calmer I’m happier
I’m enjoying my kids more
On so many of my past experiences
I have now closed the door

I see things differently
I’ve opened my eyes
I’m no longer looking down
But looking up in the skies

I talk to my angels
They talk to me
I thank my reiki healer
Who has helped set me free

My journey is not over
There is still much to be done
But I’m ready and waiting
I no longer try to run

Thank you dear Eva
My angels and myself
For helping me through
And bringing good health”




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