Happy 2013! Beware of the Energy Shift!

Happy 2013

The year has just passed was full of high expectations. Some people thought this year marked the end of the world; others believed the year 2012 brings the energy shift we were waiting for to raise our collective consciousness and to take us upwards into new energy dimensions to fulfil our life purpose and create a new world with love and peace… Well, the world is still going, and the shift is still happening. I am sure one way or the other you have noticed it in your own life.

2012 was the year of letting go. Some of us managed to do it by now, others haven’t even started yet. We had to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage, dysfunctional relationships and friendships, dead-end jobs, everything, which made us feel miserable and didn’t serve us anymore. We had to get rid of these negative influences were weighing us down to raise our vibration and keep up with the change of energy. You might have been aware of this process and you worked on it consciously or “things just happened to you”, for sure you were part of it, and you still are.

How do you know what you need to let go of?

Let’s be honest letting go is not always easy, to change things is hard and requires courage. I had an amazing 2012, full of fantastic events both in my personal and my business life. I was ready for the energy shift. As an energy healer I learnt techniques in the past two years to protect my aura, to do energy exercises to strengthen my energy field, to meditate frequently in order to raise my vibration and find my inner peace, to use positive affirmations and my gratitude to attract positive changes into my life. I have to say they work amazingly well. However I have been caught off guard and been hit hard with one of these letting go issues on New Year’s day.

I felt the energy was shifting to the wrong direction and it was happening very suddenly throughout the day. I felt very low, I was irritable, frustrated, and I sensed a certain area in my life as a burden and it was paralysing me. It was very uncomfortable.

Find the blessing in your current situation

I was frazzled by the experience and I tried to pull myself up to find the peace within again. In this kind of situation you can do many things, such as meditating, focus on something that you love or you are inspired by. Doesn’t matter how you do it just look inside and try to find the root of your feelings. In my quest of desperately trying to raise my energy I turned to my oracle cards, which helped me before,
in a hope for an instant answer. As I was shuffling my cards one flew off the deck: “Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation” it said. And that was it. As I started contemplating on the meaning of the card and I found many blessings in the situation bothering me, I felt my energy is shifting again and it started lifting my soul out of misery. This card reminded me “Every situation offers opportunities to grow and learn. When I curse a situation I basically block the energy flow and things get worse. However when I try to find the blessing in it, supportive and healing energies start flowing to me.“  (Ascended Masters Oracle Cards)

I was aware this is the way the energy works; however I had to be reminded this certain area of my life has already served its purpose and I need to let go of it. Things might not change overnight. However it is a relief to know, why I felt the way I did, and when the opportunity arises I will be ready to move on.

It’s important to pay attention to your feelings. They help you to spot the areas you need to work on. The energy still shifts continuously and you might find yourself in a situation like I did and hopefully you will be able to cope with it and solve it. My advice would be for this year just keep letting go of things that you don’t need or don’t serve you anymore and welcome the positive new energies entering your life. They can come in many different forms, such as a new job or business opportunity, moving house or finding someone, who is very special for your heart…

Change is the only thing that is sure in your life. Why worry about it? Learn from the issues life throws at you, think positively, be grateful and you will be able to shape your life the way you like it!

Have a joyful, prosperous and fantastic year!

With love

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Reference: Doreen Virtue Ascended Masters Oracle Cards

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