Healing, Cleansing and Energising Guided Visualization for deep relaxation by Eva Maria Hunt

Magic Garden is a powerful, beautiful guided visualization that has everything you need to turn your mind off and get you into a deeply relaxed state. I chose Kevin MacLoad’s gorgeous music: Frozen Star to help taking you somewhere magical and into a very relaxed state…

Magic Garden Guided Visualization MP3

Who can benefit from this visualisation?

It is suitable for everyone. You will benefit from this relaxation, whether you had a tiring day, so you can’t switch your mind off, you are struggling with constant mind chatter, you need help with going to sleep at night, you are stressed, anxious, you are dealing with emotional problems or you are preparing to receive Distant Reiki Healing.

Why visualise?

I am Eva, owner of Spiritual Wonders Energy, Healing, Consciousness and practitioner member of the UK Reiki Federation. When I treat my clients I often use guided visualization to help them leave behind the problems and issues they are dealing with in their everyday life, and give them a good start for a deeper relaxation and help them to open up to the healing energies.

Your conscious mind is often in the way of your relaxation. Thousands of thoughts are coming and going in your head all the time, carrying information about what you have to do in the next moment, what you have forgotten to do, making you exhausted, energetically drained, never letting you stop. If you are properly in touch with your senses, and you are aware of your physical body you will know when to stop and relax. However you are completely capable of overriding this message and you keep going until you drop. Don’t forget though, you are the boss. You can make some “me time” to yourself any time of the day.

This is the point, when guided visualisation can help you to switch off your mind. When you are listening to my words, your mind is getting distracted from its own thinking patterns and allows you to go around and under your conscious mind, taking you to a meditative state. Meditation has so many benefits even if you do it for only 5 minutes. It calms you down, connects you with your intuition, and makes you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How to visualise?

Many of my clients are unsure at the beginning whether they are able to visualise at all. Some turn out to be naturals, others need a bit of getting used to this method, however most of them enjoy it one way or another.

Don’t panic, you visualise every day, you are just not aware of it. When you were a child and you were lucky enough to have someone to read fairy tales to you, you imagined every bit of the story line, you have seen the fairies, the prince, the dragon and the entire story was unfolding in front of your mind’s eye. There you go, you visualised it all.

However we are all energy beings and we have different methods of processing information. If you expect to see everything in front of your mind’s eye as if you are watching a 3D movie, you might be disappointed. You are more likely to sense the scenes rather than see them, as if recalling how it feels walking in the woods, dipping your feet in the cooling stream… You might be the type, who can see gorgeous images flashing in your mind, or just colours…

The best way to use this visualisation is to set your intention first. Where your mind goes energy flows. Your intention most likely will be the very reason why you wanted to do it at the first place i.e. help to turn my chatter box off, let me drift off to sleep, calm me down, help me open up for receiving Reiki healing energies…

Then just have an open mind, listen to my voice and the beautiful music and let things unfold in front of your mind’s eye.

When you get the hang of this visualisation you can even ignore my guidance and follow your intuition, wherever it takes you.

What do you get when you download Magic Garden Guided Visualization?

This audio recording is packed with everything you need to get deeply relaxed, cleansed and energised, leaving you feeling lighter, more relaxed and happier.

Magic Garden is one, 20 minutes long relaxation, including five different modules:

  1. The first part is a process taking you out of your busy mind, so I will help you to relax your physical body, then to turn your mind chatter off and finally you are being invited to the Magic Garden, where you can connect with your inner world.
  2. You are being cleansed energetically.
  3. When it’s all done beautiful colour visualization aids you to energize your chakras (energy centres).
  4. Reiki energy helps you being deeply relaxed and fully energised and works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels at the same time. TO ACTIVATE THIS HEALING PART, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR FREE DISTANT REIKI HEALING HERE.
  5. The final part is music only.

Out of the 20 minutes recording the guided visualization lasts for about 15 minutes. The rest is music only, to let your intuition take over and guide you in your inner world or even bring you messages whilst you are relaxing. If you feel like falling asleep during the visualization, please don’t fight it. You fall as deep as you need to, in order to be deeply relaxed and fully energised.  This is when the music only finishing part comes handy; you can just drift off or relax.

Would you like to receive even more benefits?

Activate the healing module in this guided visualisation by signing up to my FREE Distant Reiki Healing service.

Are you ready to turn off your mind chatter and to connect with the peace and calm inside you?

Download Magic Garden Healing Guided Visualisation for Relaxation £3.00

With love, light and blessings