How to make 2014 a really Happy Year by using a 3-step solution to make your resolution come true this time?

It’s early January and it is the time for New Year’s resolutions. I personally do have a problem with them. Most people make them, because it is a tradition, not because they really mean it. So they are destined to fail unless they are really determined to change their life.

Therefore your new year’s resolution can worth a lot or nothing depending on how seriously you take them, how much time and effort you put into making them happen, but most importantly the key to your success consists of 3 magic ingredients.

What New Year’s resolutions really are?

You want to get fit, lose weight, give up smoking, etc. Strictly speaking these resolutions are your goals for the next few months. However at this stage they are simply your thoughts, energetically speaking brain waves on what you would like to achieve in the next month or in a longer term.

Although humans are capable of logical thinking, in spite of what the majority of people believe in, our brain is not our most powerful energy centre. Your thoughts on their own can make you run empty. You can have a busy brain, busy schedule, you still feel you are getting nowhere in life, because you are missing two main components.

The 3-step Solution

Let’s see an example. Step 1. You would like to lose weight. Great idea, but not specific enough. You can say I want to lose 2 stones in 2 months. Now it’s slightly better. You can even break it down how much you need to lose weekly and daily to achieve it. The next step is to find ways of achieving your goal. Maybe doing exercises 4 times a week, or not eating carbs in the evening, or the combination of both… And suddenly you have a strategy. That’s fantastic!

Step 2. To really succeed you need a little bit more than that. The next ingredient is to have an emotional charge, a desire to drive you through the days, when you are dreaming about cakes, and really need to discipline yourself in order to protect yourself from eating the entire content of your fridge.

On this level you are connecting your thoughts with your emotions, which are also energy or with other words you link your mind to your heart, which is a powerful energy accumulator. All you need to do is really feel how will you feel, how much more confidence you have, how much happier you will be, when you are slimmer to actually being able to wear that lovely dress, which you have managed to fit in 2 dress sizes ago. Really feel that you will have no more frustration, no more holding back. You will look amazing! You can express yourself again very soon with gorgeous clothes, you can catch that cheeky glimpse in the guys’ eyes, when they look at you…

Step 3. And there is only one final step left to take: make it real, visualise it, taste the success. Can you see yourself like that in a few months’ time? That’s brilliant! Now you can start implementing it.

You have just learnt the 3 magic steps to create a happy and successful year for yourself to turn your traditional New Year’s resolutions into something more powerful and successful:
Thought + Desire + Vision = Creation

You can use this recipe for basically everything you would like to create in your life. Link your thoughts with your emotions and the vision of what you would like to achieve and stay with your plan. Work on it daily to keep your focus, make it part of your everyday routine and in no time you achieve everything you want.

With this thought I wish you a very Happy and Successful New Year!

With love, light and Divine Blessings