Are you ready to upgrade to the new you in August 2015?

2015 The year of Endless Opportunities

From the numerology point of view this year has a number 8 energy, which means infinite opportunities are there for you to take if you are ready. This enables you to manifest in your life pretty much everything you want whether its’ a new relationship, new job, more clients, better financial situation, more travel…

Some of you might experience this year with lots of difficulties physically and emotionally too. It can be frightening, when new possibilities show up, as we need to face our fears to go out there, leaving our comfort zone and show the world who we are. Also our life path and energies are so unique every one of us experience these forces around us in a very different way.

An Energy Gate Opens on 08/08/2015

Now we stepped in the 8th month of the year, when the energies of the number 8 are even stronger, it might feel like the ride gets even bumpier, as in a week time we arrive to an amazing energy gate 8-8-8 (08/08/2+0+1+5=8). This is a gate to new dimensions. The Earth not only exists in the 3rd dimension, but in the 5th one as well. However very few people are able to gain access to this higher vibration. The energies currently pouring down on Earth are supporting these changes, so more people will be able to vibrate on higher frequencies, and start manifesting a better future for themselves and for all of us.

8th August 2015 is the day that gives you the opportunity to spring forward and ride these powerful energy waves, if you are ready.

Spirit in Human Body - Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt
Spirit in Human Body – Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt

The energies have already started to build up, so if you are sensitive to energy changes you might already have been experiencing disturbances in your sleep, anxiety, headaches, dizziness… on the physical level. You might also feel very emotional.

What can you do to alleviate these symptoms and get the most out of this amazing astrological event?

To physically feel better and more energised make sure you get out for walks in nature, which helps clearing your mind, gives you exercise, helps you to sleep and most of all aids in grounding your energies.

Take vitamins and mineral supplements to make sure your immune system works properly.

To calm and balance your emotions take a sea salt bath, which is cleansing your emotional field and helps you relax.

Using healing crystals, such as Hematite, Smokey Quartz… will help both with grounding your energies and through that balancing your emotions. You can also use a set of Chakra crystals for self-healing or wear chakra jewellery to achieve the same effect.

As you have noticed these powerful energies have an impact on us not only on the physical, but on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.

Are you ready to upgrade to the new you in August 2015?

Meditation is very important to help you with energy downloads from the Universe. When you meditate you align with universal energies to bring you energy updates, to help centring yourself and even receiving guidance from your higher-self, your guides, your angels…

If you are consciously working on your self- and spiritual development this event can be a fantastic accelerator for you. You have probably been working on yourself already and you can see more clearly than ever, who you are, where you are heading, who would you like to become.

This time it is vitally important to let go of emotional baggage. Anything energetically heavy, such as low vibrational feelings and emotions will hold you back, and literally keep you on the ground, so you want be able to take off and fly. So keep forgiving others and yourself, accept who you are and be grateful for what you already have. 

Here are different ways I can help you through these changes

To help you through these changes I can teach you amazing energy tools, so you can manage your energies yourself. There are many different ways you can enjoy relaxation and/or filling up with energies. I offer the following healing services and products:

Reiki Therapy in Thame, Oxfordshire – I channel this amazing high frequency energy to get you into deep relaxation, to help raising your vibrations, to  clear emotional blockages and baggage, and to assist calming your mind and feel fantastic.

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Qi Gong for Health self-healing art – I teach easy to learn moves and an amazing standing, flowing meditation to enable you to sense and direct your own life force energy in a way that heals, optimises and builds your energies. Available as 1 to 1, workshop and weekly classes

Crystal Healing – Crystal healing /Crystal Therapy is an ancient healing system that works holistically through the placement of crystals on and around your body to strengthen your life force energies , cleanse your energy field and relax and/or energise you accordingly.

Healing Crystal Jewellery – Buy my hand-made healing crystal jewellery and gift items for yourself or “Give the gift that gives… Healing vibes and good feelings”

Healing Art – Soul Wisdom healing art is about evoking emotions, thoughts, memories from your subconscious. They also have healing properties through the colours, and in the case of my zodiac cards through the healing crystals too. In my healing mandalas I use special healing symbols to help you access different parts of your subconscious, and awaken your natural healing abilities. So you can relax, or get energised, even energetically grounded…

Just remember you are not alone. If you need any help, just let me know.

With love and light

Eva x

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