Tune into Unicorn Energy to find Calm, Peace, Love and Your Purpose

I usually work with angels, when I do energy healing work and I also channel paintings from the angelic realms. However yesterday I was drawn to Unicorns. They are gorgeous 7th dimensional beings…

Whilst Angels work with our hearts, Unicorns work with our souls to awaken love, peace, calm and magic inside of us. On my painting, The touch of a Unicorn, this magical Unicorn is appearing for you to touch your heart and soul to help you raise above egoistic concerns to remember why you are here on Earth. They usually appear to you or you are drawn to them, when your are ready

Touched by a Unicorn Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt www.spiritual-wonders.co.uk
Touched by a Unicorn Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt www.spiritual-wonders.co.uk

“Unicorns are usually White 7th dimensional horses, who have returned to Earth to help us humans with  our ascension. They have spiraling horns of light which radiate from their foreheads, through which they give healing, joy and enlightenment. The light of a unicorn is so powerful that it enters you gradually, in waves, only ever as much as you can cope with at any time.” (Diana Cooper)

Meditate with My Unicorn

On my picture you see a unicorn in my interpretation, the way I imagine them, as an artist, who works with colour frequencies. The reason why only her horn is White, because her entire being projects the light frequency of love, peace, and calm. Gently pushing you to energetically align with the higher realms, and enables you to act on your life purpose. The gorgeous shades of Blue and Pink are working with your energy being. Pink is a soft, very feminine colour, also soothing. Blue is calming and helps you to express your truth. You can meditate with my painting. To receive the healing vibrations just place it on your desk or on the wall, where you can see it frequently and when your eyes are drawn to the picture, you start soaking up the healing vibrations of the colours.

How to tune into Unicorn Energy?

To tune into them it’s enough to think about them. Then it’s possible you will meet them in your dreams or you can start working with them in your meditations even guided visualisations. Diana Cooper’s book about ascension is full of gorgeous meditations, guided visualisations and many of them help you to align with these high vibrational light beings. I personally love them. They inspired me to create the above painting, my unicorn.

With love