5 Years in Holistic Healing, 5 Days Celebration, Black Friday Weekend and a lot more at Spiritual Wonders

Celebrate with me 5 years in Holistic Healing in the next 5 days! In 2010, when I established my business in Holistic Healing: Spiritual Wonders, as a Reiki practitioner, I couldn’t even dream about the many areas my business can expand to, year by year.

As I grew as a person and spiritually too, the range of services and products I offer have grown with me. And in the last year to be honest with you I have reached a point, when I had to decide whether I can do with more expansion in these areas. Let’s look back quickly what happened in the last 5 years:

Birthday cake celebration 2015

2010 – My Business was born

  • I became a Reiki Therapist, Member of the UK Reiki Federation and started off my business as a Reiki Practitioner in Thame, Oxfordshire to help people with emotional issues, depression, anxiety to overcome their problems and empower them with energy tools to enable them to think positively, becoming happy and healthy.

Reiki bubbles tree

2011 – Healing Crystals and Blog

  • I created my Online Crystal and Gift shop with a crystal drop-ship account, selling someone else’s products.
  • Started writing articles about the Energy World on my Blog, which you are reading at the moment.

2012 – Distant Reiki Healing, Handmade Jewellery, Colour Therapy

  • I set up a FREE Distant Reiki Healing Service and ever since I have been sending out healing to more than 100 people every year to different parts of the world from India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, USA, Mauritius, Ireland, Hungary… to the United Kingdom and it fills my heart with joy that I could help a good few desperate people getting a job, overcoming financial issues, emotional overwhelm, physical pain, self-respect and self-love issues… even though we never met in person.

Reiki banner Nov 2015 2

  • I created my own brand and started designing my Handmade Healing Crystal Jewellery, which you can see in my web shop: www.spiritual-wonders.co.uk

webshop banner 1 June 2015

  • I became a certified Colour Therapist. Although I don’t practise this beautiful healing art directly, I incorporate it in every areas of my business through products, workshops and my healing services.

2013 – Jewellery Stall at Events, Reiki Tasters, Crystal Healing

  • I started attending different events with Reiki taster sessions and/or my handmade jewellery and gift items: Psychic Fayres, Pamper Evenings, Shopping Events and supporting different charities.
  • I became a certified Crystal Healer, so from this point on I could incorporate the crystals in my healing therapies.

Therapist using pendulum

2014 – Energy Workshops, Facebook Group, Qi Gong for Health

  • I started running Energy Workshops to teach people what an amazing light beings we all are, so they became aware of their energy field, chakras, their energetic environment… and now they can make conscious decisions about their well being.
  • I attended an amazing Conference in London: Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution, where I met Spiritual leaders and scientists working towards the shift in consciousness and as a result I set up a Facebook Group, Love Your Soul Purpose to help people with their spiritual development.
  • I became a Certified Qi Gong for Health teacher to enable me to teach this beautiful, ancient self-healing art, to empower people, so they can use these powerful energy tools to prevent illnesses, strengthen their immune system, help with their emotional balance and spiritual development…
Eva Maria Hunt Certified Qi Gong for Health Teacher www.spiritual-wonders.com
Eva Maria Hunt Certified Qi Gong for Health Teacher www.spiritual-wonders.com

2015 – Qi Gong Workshops, Healing Art

  • I started running Qi Gong Workshops and weekly classes in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
  • Finally I have found the last part of the puzzle of my mission on Earth, and I started drawing and painting as part of my business and created Soul Wisdom and Celestial Healing Art.

Creating Zodiac Cards

These 5 years were quite a journey for me, very exciting, sometimes exhausting and even hopeless at certain points. However the fire never died out from inside of me, and now I am in the position to restructure my beautiful business and find the right emphases with every part of my soul and my business to support you through your own transition in this ever changing beautiful world. So let’s celebrate!

How to enter the prize draw?

Birthday celebration 2015

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Good luck!

With love

Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist and Artist, trading as Spiritual Wonders

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