The Happy, New You! Five steps to shift your energy for a happier, more fulfilling life in 2016

There are only a couple of days left from 2015. It’s a great time to look back and see how far you came this year. Did you have goals, intentions, new year’s resolutions for the year 2015? Have you managed to achieve them?

For me this year brought some unexpected obstacles and also amazing surprises. If I look at it on the material plane it was filled with hard work, lots of struggles… However if I observe it on a spiritual plane and look at it from the self- and spiritual development point of you, I have achieved a lot. This year helped me to leave behind what didn’t serve me any more and prepared me for a new beginning. So let’s look beyond the material world and see from a different perspective how far you got to.

Are you happy? Do you know what makes you happy?

So let’s look beyond the material world and see from a different perspective how far you got to. Almost all of my clients ask the following questions at one point during their healing sessions: “Why is that everyone else around me seem to know what they want, they look confident, happy… and I am the only one, who is struggling? What is their secret? What do I do wrong?”


I usually say to them, if I met you in other circumstances I would think you know what you want, you are confident, you do look happy. So be careful with your judgement. Everyone struggles with some areas in their life. Things that are easy for you could be very difficult for someone else, and vica versa. And I suggest instead of comparing, which is not a good idea, focus on what MAKES YOU happy.

Is their a secret to know what makes you happy, what makes you feel confident about your life and yourself?

Yes, there is. You need to know what you really want. You, not your partner, husband, parents, colleagues…. You. Ok, but how do you find that out?

Life is much more than what you are able to see with your physical eyes. There are certain metaphysical facts that you can learn along with easy to learn tools, which you can turn into habits. This way you can raise and learn to maintain your energy vibrations, so you can get into the state of being, where you are able to manifest good things in your life.


5 steps to shift your energy for a happier, more fulfilling life in 2016

Step 1. Accept where ever you are in life is a perfect starting point. No blaming anyone, no excuses because of your past, upbringing, education… just taking responsibility from now on for everything that happens to you in your life.

Step 2. Accept that you are not just your physical body, you are an energy being. Your thoughts and emotions are also energy. In fact everything around you is made of energy, vibrating on different frequencies.

Step 3. Accept that there are Universal Laws, which are in motion, whether you know about them or not. For example The Law of Attraction. It means like attracts like. So whatever your vibration, you will attract things with similar frequencies into your life. Complaining, worrying, anger, being frustrated… are low vibrational emotions. Negative thinking also decreases your vibration. Therefore the result is you are attracting to yourself the lack of money, lack of happiness…

Act on it. When you understand The Law of Attraction, you can start consciously monitoring your habits i.e what you say, what you feel, how you react or respond to others in your life… and you can try to let go of past issues, instead of carrying them with you. You can decide to replace fears, worries, frustration with love, compassion, gratitude…

Step 4. Accept that you are a soul. You are spirit in a human body. There is an inner voice, which you might hear or sense in some way. We can call it your gut feeling or even your intuition. It is your inner guidance or compass if you like. As a soul you have amazing wisdom inside of you, you have everything, all the secrets, all the answers you need to know to lead a happy life are hidden inside of you. No one else knows better what is right for you, but you.

So get in touch with your intuition, with this infinite wisdom locked inside of you, through some form of meditation.

How to develop your intuition?

The Eye of Horus with Orange, Watercolour and Digital Art by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist and Artist
Eye of Horus with Orange, Watercolour and Digital Art by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist and Artist

When you start using your intuition regularly you are starting to rely on your 6th sense more. This is the one, which leads you out the material world and enables you to communicate and sense things energetically. There are many different ways to develop your trust in your inner guidance. You can try them all, or just start working with what feels right for you.

By profession I am a commercial economist, so when I started walking my spiritual path consciously more than 6 years ago, I had a lot of issues with my logical mind keep asking questions, doubting things that I sensed, so I started with oracle cards to develop a bit of confidence in the guidance I was receiving occasionally, when I finally managed to quiet my mind. One day, when I was browsing in a book shop, I was drawn to one of Doreen Virtue’s card decks. I decided to use them regularly for readings for myself.

I was so ready to learn about this invisible world. I wanted to know more, so I really dived into everything spiritual, and let my inner sense guide me to books, courses, Cds… I also have tried guided visualisations, which I have found really calming at the beginning, and as I got more practise I had magical experiences, and real insights to which directions to go what to do next in my life. It was a slow progress for 3 years, then it speeded up beyond my wildest dreams…

In spite of all this newly acquired knowledge and new practises in my daily routine there was still something I couldn’t do properly and that was meditation. It just proved to be impossible for me to sit down and quiet my mind. So I was searching for something that helps me go round it. I was drawn to a Chinese internal martial art called Bagua, which helps to align mind, body and soul through special physical moves. And it worked for me. I have practised it for a year and a half. Then it lead me to a different practise, a Chinese self-healing art called Qi Gong, and it suited me even better with its flowing meditation practise…

I also discovered that when in my spare time I was drawing and painting I was taken to a different world, I was connecting with my higher self and this state of being helps me finding answers to burning questions, aids in letting go emotionally… As it happens painting turned out to be a big part of my purpose and later on I managed to channell  messages and guidance through my artwork from divine beings.

Meditation is a very personal experience and by trying out different things you will find what works for you best. The more you trust in yourself and the Universal wisdom the more amazing experiences you can enjoy.

Which step are You at?


Many people understands in theory the process I described to you. Still they are not living the life they always wanted. Why is that? Because they forget about the last step, which really makes a difference.

Step 5. It’s not enough to understand these steps on a logical level, you need to make them part of your life. You need to reach an energy frequency that allows you to open up to higher wisdom, spiritual awareness in order to attract and be able to manifest everything you want.

The small things you do every day are the secret ingredients of your success. You can create a routine for yourself. However if you feel more confident when someone is there for you or you need help in releasing stress, knowing what can help you personally…, there are 1 to 1 energy healing sessions and weekly meditation classes also available for you to shift your energy, raise your vibrations and become a happier you.

Energy healing sessions and weekly meditation classes to help you have a successful 2016

The New Year brings new energies. If you are prepared you can use them to your advantage. My mission is to help people step into their inner power and reach their full potential. So they can live a healthier life, able to tackle life’s daily challenges easier and most of all can become truly happy.

The energy healing sessions are available with me in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK. they are designed to help you to set your intentions for 2016, and work through issues holding you back from connecting with your inner self, and/or managing your energies in a better way, so you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

The Happy New You – weekly meditation classes start on Tuesday 5th January 2016, where we address the above subjects, issues, and through guided visualisations, Qi Gong for Health exercises and mediations you can learn a set of tools, a very affective system to manage your life force energy, strengthen your immune system, calm your mind and nourish your soul. It’s also a fantastic way to enjoy the support of like minded people and have a great time, whilst releasing stress, and tuning into your infinite wisdom.

If you live round here I look forward to seeing you in the therapy sessions and/or the weekly classes. If you are further  away you can read my articles and I will be back soon with some downloadable materials that you can use in the comfort of your home.


I wish you a very Happy 2016, which brings you the life you have always dreamt about!

With love


Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist and Artist

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