My Artwork for World Peace accompanied by a Guided Visualisation to Spread Love on Earth

Global Art Project for Peace, 12th Biennal Exchange, 2016

This year I am a participating Artist in the Global Art Project for Peace.

Katherine Josten is an artist, educator, speaker and Founder/Director of the Global Art Project for Peace, a multi-cultural celebration of peace and diversity that has actively involved 130,000 participants in 87 countries on seven continents. Nominated for a 2002 UNESCO Peace Prize for Tolerance and Non-Violence, her work inspires personal and social evolution through creativity… The idea “We Are All One” expressed in Katherine Josten’s art is made real in the world through her Global Art Project for Peace. Her Project gives people in local communities an opportunity to join together to form a cooperative global community. The Boston Globe wrote about the Global Art Project, “The idea is as simple as it is profound, to create world peace through art.”

My Vision of World Peace

Artists are being paired up from all over the world to exhibit and exchange their vision of world peace. Here is mine, which I called: Blanket of Love, Raising Consciousness.

GAP peace art with text

I am Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist, Artist and Law of Attraction Practitioner. I believe that saving the planet and humanity starts on a personal level, and I have been working towards this by helping to raise human consciousness for 5 years now. I do it “peace by peace”, through energy healing, my art and teaching people in many ways about their hidden potentials.

Visualisation to spread Love on Earth

After recent attacks on innocent people in France, Belgium and now Pakistan I read many comments about people not getting emotional support, compassion, love in certain parts of the world for their loss. I believe it’s wrong, everyone deserves emotional support and compassion, where ever they live on Earth. So I would like to share a beautiful visualisation to send love to all beings on Earth.

Please join me:

1. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and Have the intention of sending love to all beings on Earth.
2. Focus on your heart centre, and think about someone you really love.
3. Feel the love, and imagine it as a gorgeous Pink bubble of light, which is constantly growing.
4. Let it grow as large as the room you are in, then the building, your town, your country… and the Pink bubble of love is still growing until it takes in the entire planet.
5. Now see with your mind’s eye the Earth in this Pink glow of love.
6. The love now is being absorbed by the air, the waters on Earth, the plants, animals, and human beings.
7. See them all being loved, happy and living in peace together.
8. Use your own mind for seeing vividly this love in your way.

If you find it hard to imagine, look at my artwork, which I created for the Global Art Project for Peace, as the angels help spreading the blanket of love on Earth.

You can use this visualisation daily to send your loving intention for Peace on Earth.

With love and light


– Artwork: Blanket of love, Raising Consciousness by Eva Maria Hunt-was Szanto, Energy Therapist, Artist.
– Visualisation: I adapted it and changed the original visualisation, which I learnt many years ago through my Reiki studies to enable non-Reiki people to use it too