The Perfect Gift for Her – Handmade with Love, Unique, Has Amazing Energy – Give the Gift that Gives… Healing Vibes and Good Feelings

The Perfect Gift for Her? Handmade, Unique, Has Amazing Vibes
 Give the Gift that Gives… Healing Vibes and Good Feelings

Eva makes natural healing crystals/gemstones into jewellery, so you can keep them in your energy field easily, and benefit from the stones’ healing properties

Crystals give off amazing vibrations and they resonate with certain chakras in your energy field. They make a unique gift, because they all specialise in different areas…

Rose Quartz is a light Pink healing crystal. It is known as The Stone of Love. It soothes the broken heart and also very helpful if you struggle with forgiving others or even yourself, if you have self-love issues, etc.

Citrine is The Stone of Abundance. This Yellowish White gemstone is very popular and has gorgeous vibrations that attracts wealth to you.

Amethyst is the perfect solution for tension headaches, stress and it also provides you with energy protection.

There are crystals for grounding, positive affirmations, energy boost, meditation and inner calm and more.


Handmade Gemstone Angels by Eva maria Hunt make a Unique Gift for Your loved ones

Make a statement with Beautiful Gemstone Angels

I create them from natural crystals, beads and silver-plated accessories. They can be used in many different ways:

  1. placed on a necklace it makes a very special pendant that protects your energies and catches the eye.
  2. tied on your handbag it still stays in your energy field and expresses your personality.
  3. and at Christmas time you can hang them off the tree to bring magic into the holiday atmosphere.

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