I am Enough, I am Confident, I am Safe – Self-Help, Positive Affirmation Puzzle Art by Eva Maria Hunt

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What is Positive Affirmation Puzzle Art?

These posters are fun and very useful, if you wish to raise your confidence. The self-help positive affirmation puzzle art means the first letter of each adjective that describes you  in a positive and uplifting way read together forms a Positive affirmation. As an example look at the picture below:




Positive affirmation: I am enough. I am enough Love. The picture features my artwork: The Angel of Love The message of the picture is: Love

Positive affirmation puzzle art posters A4 by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Artist
Positive affirmation puzzle art posters A4 by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Artist – Web Shop: www.spiritual-wonders.co.uk

How they work?

Positive affirmations are powerful tools to change your thought process and empower yourself. How positive affirmations work?

Thoughts are energy waves therefore positive affirmations are part of energy healing. What you focus your mind on, will follow. Your subconscious mind is constantly listening to commands coming from your brain. If you tend to run negative thoughts, in your mind, such as I am a failure, I can’t do it, I am not enough… you are actually giving these commands to your subconscious creating negative patterns in your life. The good news is by changing your thinking patterns and the words you are using you can start making more of what you actually want in your life.

So buy these positive affirmation posters and put them up your wall. Every time you see it, you feel like reading the words. So you are affirming to your self: I am enough…

What people say about them?

“I absolutely love my “I am enough Love positive affirmation art” Every time I look at it I find something new that I love about it. It has so much detail. Thank you Eva for sharing you talent X” Jayne, Buckinghamshire, UK

“What a stunning idea and beautiful gift.” Jo B. T., London, UK

I absolutely love these Eva ❤” Jo B. D., Aylebury, UK

Everyone can do with more positivity in their life!

Buy for yourself or as a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

With love


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