Feeling Anxious, Worried, Agitated? Longing to find that very needed Inner Peace?

Feeling Anxious, Worried, Agitated?

All you want is to find a way to calm down and reach that very needed Peace inside of you? But the more you want it, or trying to force it, you just get further away from it. Then you start thinking there is something wrong with you. And you ask yourself: How is it possible everyone else can do it, but you?

What are you doing wrong?

First of all, believe me, they can’t do it either or definitely not all of them are able to handle their emotions the right way, so you are not alone with this problem. And I have been there too. I got trapped in worry and fear so many times in my life. I do know how unsettling this situation can be. After a while I realised the mistake I have been making over and over again, that made me stuck, even paralysed i.e. I’ve tried to solve the problem on the same level it appeared. And of course the solution is somewhere else. Let me explain!

We were designed to forget

We humans are very complex beings and we very like have incarnated on Earth before. If it’s not news to you, brilliant. However if it is, just allow yourself to be open to what I am going to say, without judgement. We are souls with a body, which acts as a vessel. And this fact brings lots of complications into our lives.

When you are going through rough patches of your life, you are unhappy and you are in emotional pain, it’s  difficult to acknowledge you actually wanted to come here. Of course you don’t remember this “minor detail”, that’s kind of the point when you come to this world, to start off with a clean sleight. The truth is, it was your soul’s desire to manifest on Earth. You wanted to get to know different aspects of yourself and also to feel, touch, smell, see, hear… You came here to experience joy and happiness.

You keep getting stuck with lower vibrations

However you are keep being drawn into the heavy feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, etc., so you have little chance of finding what you are craving, because the peace you want, the love you are craving is much higher up in vibration. And this is the essential piece of information you are missing, when you are unable to find inner piece. You sunk down to the level of your physical existence and lost connection with your soul.

Connect guided visualisation cover photo

The Solution is to Connect with Your Heart and with Love

Your heart chakra is known as the seat of your soul. Imagine it as a portal. When you access it, you connect with all that is. It is where you can cross from your lower self (lower chakras) and unlock the doors to your higher chakras and your higher self’s wisdom.

Although you are seemingly separated from the source, as you are only capable of perceiving certain parts of it in the three dimensional world, a large portion of your being is still part of it. The home of your soul is oneness, your home is the light.

How to get started?

The fastest way to come up from the level of your negative emotions is to raise your vibration through Unconditional LOVE. Love energy is the most powerful one in the Universe. Connect with your Heart’s Creative Energy & get reminded of Who you are to enjoy the Inner Peace and Calm you are longing for and deserve. How to get started?

Connect with Love, Your Heart’s Creative Energy

Connect guided visualisation cover photo

I created an audio file for you: Connect with Love, Your Heart’s Creative Energy – Guided visualisation/ relaxing meditation with positive affirmations. 

Download it, so you can listen to this approx 10 minutes long recording, any time during the day, every day, when your worries and fears are starting to bring you down. This beautiful meditation helps you to connect with Love in your heart. It is relaxing and calming and the “built in” positive affirmations will surely lift you up and help you to find your inner peace and keep your energy vibrations high.

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