Gift Ideas for Leo 23 July -22 August! Celebrate with Zodiac Limited Edition Water Bottle with Gemstones

This month there is another gorgeous crystal water bottle released by Bewater, just in time to surprise your loved ones, who were born in the zodiac sign, Leo.

The Birthstones by month, covering the Leo star sign period are:

  • Ruby for July and
  • Peridot for August.

Leo’s birthstones by the star sign are:

  • Peridot
  • also Ruby, Carnelian, Sardonyx, Diamond and Onyx.

Ruby is a gorgeous Red gemstone, a symbol of powerful feelings: love, passion, vitality.

This powerful crystal of the heart is mixed with Clear Quartz. Together they are placed in a chamber that protects the crystals and when surrounded by water it infuses it with beautiful vibes to raise your confidence, strengthen your courage, etc.

Click “Read more” or “Buy now” button  below to find out more and buy one of these gorgeous water bottles. Hurry, there are only 500 Leo zodiac bottles available.




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