About Eva

Hi. I am Eva, Energy Therapist & Energy Artist
I help you manage parts of your energy field, which might be invisible to you, but has a huge influence on your ability to become Happy, Successful… Abundant.

I set you free from your limiting beliefs to enable you to become the Best version of You...
through energy healing, coaching and energy art.

I believe that feeling and accepting your emotions doesn't make you weak!

They only make You HUMAN, Real, sometimes vulnerable, but not weak!

 I work with women from all walks of life.  They are strong, talented & beautiful, yet they feel weak, because of their EMOTIONS…

…Well, I blame the Western living and educational system for this, when strong women, real fighters, survivors, lead to believe they are weak, because they FEEL… well, emotions!!! And in this harsh world strength and emotions just don’t seem to go together… and it is so very wrong!

These women I talk about, including myself, are real warriors, they overcome any obstacles life throws at them, but they don’t see themselves for Who they are. Here is why:

 I was brought up like this, and let me guess: You were too.  

At school they focused only on the visible parts of you with biology and science, and fed your brain with tones of sometimes completely useless data. But very little psychology, if any, and certainly nothing about your energy systems, your emotions and thoughts being an important part of you… your soul… the real stuff. Is that right?

Why? Because you were likely to be brought up in the Western part of the world, like I was, and without the Eastern way of seeing the world, and yourself in it, building only on what you see with your eyes, touch with your hands… and what science can prove, you had no chance to know the role of emotions in your energy system and how to live with them.

I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason.

When I got depressed, I was forced to look back on my life, and most of all to look inside and feel the pain of piled up emotions wanted to come up to the surface, and finally being expressed. It was hard, and I have managed to do it…

This was the point, when I realised I have skills…, healing abilities to climb up from the bottom of the deep hole I’ve suddenly found myself in. For a change, I started to listen to the quiet voice inside of me, my intuition and I decided to trust it.

This new approach lead me to the Eastern philosophy of living, through Reiki, Qigong, Mindfulness…

Since that day my life has changed forever. I not only healed myself, but more than a hundred clients too with different emotional issues during the last 6 years. I used many healing modalities and different energy tools to help them realise that emotions are a necessary part of their energy system, and it’s actually possible to live with them in harmony.

Let’s get personal!

For me it's all about LOVE...
My core values?
My Chinese Zodiac Sign is DOG… My Sun sign is VIRGO. Hmmm What else?
Although I had to find out I am not Super Woman... I realised I have Magical Powers
Love / Hate?
Left-brained or Right-brained?
The person, who shaped the landscape of my soul the most so far on my spiritual journey is ...?
How I got started? Who am I, really?
One of my talks about healing colours and art at a networking event in Bucks, UK

Good question. In the last 6 years, when I consciously have been walking my spiritual path I dedicated myself to find out exactly that: “Who am I”?

So I got really hooked on finding out everything about the invisible energy world I was suddenly pulled towards. So I studied Reiki, Crystal healing, Colour therapy and Colour psychology, Qi gong for Health and Law of Attraction coaching along with Psychic Art and created my own range of healing crystal jewellery with high energy vibrations. But I got a bit lost and couldn’t decide which one to commit to.

Are you eager to know which one is the right answer i.e. which one happened to be my path?

I was too. And that confused the hell out of me, because I was made to believe I can only be one of the above or two at best and I have already been a commercial economist with a Bachelor’s degree by profession. And just between us, it was all right, but that didn’t make my heart sing.

I wanted to know what will. Then I have been attracted to all of the above and whichever area I have tried to ditch, the Universe kept bringing people to me in that very one of my holistic healing practise, which I have established 6 years ago.

After a while I had enough of these battles with myself and the Universe and I cried out at one point to it: “Someone Help Me, Please!”

I have found out the Universe, The Angels and My Higher Self was at the other end of the line and they were drip-feeding all the information I needed in the last 5 years. Have I mentioned I was impatient too?

I used intuition and channelling on different levels…

first for myself and in the last 6 years for 500+ people including clients and customers in the form of therapy and coaching sessions, workshops…

Retrospectively here are the steps they were guiding me towards:

  • I learnt to channel energy first as a Reiki therapist, connecting to Source Energy.
  • I managed to connect intuitively with others, who ordered healing crystal jewellery, channelling this high vibrational energy, whatever they were in need of into their jewellery.
  • I learnt to connect with Angels, and channel messages in the form of paintings and drawings.
  • Now I work intuitively 80% of the time. Channelling, when I go about my day, channelling when I treat people, have a meeting, channelling, when I have personal challenges….
My new book: Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art

So now I know these are different sides of me as an energy therapist and artist and at the same time different ways for me to relate to you and offer you a customised learning, discovery or healing experience.

It is totally unconventional, it goes against almost everything I was brought up with, never the less this is Who I am and the way I work.

I have been running energy workshops for counsellors, their clients and the public along with meditation & Qi Gong classes apart from my 1 to 1 healing and coaching work.

And I became a published author. My book is about Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art.

Testimonials for Coaching
Testimonials for Combined Energy Healing
Testimonials for Healing Jewellery and Healing Art

 is the word written all over me. I was 4, when I have already been baking with my Mum. I learnt embroidery from my grandma Zsofia at age 7. My hobby from age 10 was to create plush toys, make cushions, tried out as many ways of crafting as possible. I made my own tops and vests from age 14 and experimented with making jewellery at the same time, which I started selling a few years later to the public. And this is so far the longest love affair I had, which spans through my life from an early age. What has changed in the last 5 years is, the materials (gemstones/healing crystals) I work with.


Curse or Blessing? To be honest it felt like a curse in the first 18 years of my life. It made me feel weak, not understood by the majority of others and made me believe I am impossible to live with according to my beloved father.

However as I learnt more about intuition and started to rely on it a little more, as a young adult I began to accept it as something that might be weird about me for others, but never the less it is part of me. And many decades later at age 40, I realised it is actually a blessing, a skill on which, I based my entire business in holistic healing. 

I am happiest, when I can help others, so you are no exception. If you let me...

I HELP … you get in touch with your own RESOURCES, GUIDANCE and POWER.

I GIVE… (this is my nature) I give you my knowledge, experience, attention, understanding and lots of useful tools to transform your current habits into your very own SUPPORT SYSTEM.

I TEACH… about the invisible parts of your energy field, which holds the MASTER KEY to your happiness.

I HOLD… a safe healing space for you, so you can FACE the part of you that hiding in the SHADOWS and holds you back, in order to FREE yourSELF.

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