Your problem is not the stressful situation, but your reaction to it, as it is imprinted in your energy field. So simply trying to change the situation with positive thoughts only, will not help. If you want to make lasting changes to your mind and how you feel, you MUST release that stuck energy...
Hi. I am Eva, Energy Therapist & Energy Artist I help you manage parts of your energy field, which might be invisible to you, but has a huge influence on your ability to become Happy, Successful… Abundant in every way.

I haven’t always been an energy therapist though. I have a University degree. My original profession is commercial economist. It is as far away from being an energy therapist, as my native country Hungary from my adopted one, the UK. A personal issue, i.e. becoming depressed, pushed me to find a different way of living. As a result I have learnt many different healing modalities from the best in the field, and in 2010 I have established my business in holistic healing.

In the last 8 years I have become a Vibrational healing expert and artist.

I have worked with 200+ women, aged 25 – 60+ from all walks of life on a 1 to 1 bases & in workshops, using different modalities of vibrational healing, such as Reiki therapy, Qigong, Healing Art and crystals.

I am passionate about helping people, who are depressed, stressed, anxious or wanting to find their purpose, who have an open mind to connect with their emotions & soul and to transform their mind set.

I wrote a book about Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art in 2016, which includes 21 of my paintings as well. Apart from running my own business, I am also part of a collaboration, called Creative Mind Coaching, delivering well-being programs for entrepreneurs and the public.

What is special about me and my methods?

I teach my clients energy tools, so they do not have to rely on me all the time. You might think, that’s not a clever thing to do! I see it differently! I am passionate about what I do, and I have a mission. During the years I came to understand the amazing and extremely complex human energy system and how every single one of us whether healer or not, are capable of managing our energy, for better mental, physical, emotional health, harmony and success. And I want you to have that awareness and some tools, so you can help yourself.

I believe in the power of generosity, so I provide FREE Reiki distant group healing weekly, for hundreds of people all around the Globe, for more than 6 years now. I love the emails I receive. They show that I do make a positive difference in the world:

Thanks, Eva, I got the job and it’s running smooth so far, unlike previous ones, where I always felt bad.” Meenal, Bengaluru, India, Nov. 2018

Thank you. I feel I am gaining greater clarity about my well being and vocational direction. It is very much appreciated.” Katherine, New Yourk, USA, Nov. 2018

Thank you, Eva, for standing with me. I am enjoying the Reiki and very happy too because of the peace of mind that has started showing up. I strongly believe in Reiki healing that will wipe away my conditions. Thank you and be blessed.” Fredrick, Naivasha, Kenya, Nov. 2018

I am happiest, when I can help others, so you are no exception. If you let me...

I HELP … you get in touch with your own RESOURCES, GUIDANCE and POWER.

I GIVE… you my knowledge, experience, attention, understanding and lots of useful tools to transform your current habits into your very own SUPPORT SYSTEM.

I TEACH… about the invisible parts of your energy field, which holds the MASTER KEY to your happiness.

I HOLD… a safe healing space for you, so you can FACE the part of you that is hiding in the SHADOWS and holds you back, so you can FREE yourself.

What my clients say about Reiki therapy, Emotional and Law of Attraction Coaching
  • "AMAZING, RELAXING REIKI! The whole package, reiki and emotional coaching is very beneficial, life changing and relaxing. The difference is in incredible! Noticed by others too." Lisa, UK , Nov. 2018
  • "SPIRITUALLY TRANSPORTED! Thank you very much Eva for your uplifting Reiki sessions. I felt soothed, rebalanced, eased and spiritually transported almost at times. It was precious having such personalised time with you. Your healing energy is palpable. Our sessions together have strengthened and encouraged me on my life journey. Bless you for being you. Thank you." Jacinta, UK, Nov. 2018
  • "Eva is a truly positive energy force in her own right. Coupled with her skills as an energy therapist, this makes her invaluable to anyone wishing to explore their energy or improve their success and well-being. I immediately felt an impact from visiting her. She explains clearly and patiently how the world of energy works and makes all her interactions very relevant to your own personal circumstances and requirements. Her reiki sessions were probably the most relaxed moments in my life so far. Very much recommend." Emma, UK, 2016
  • Eva’s warmth surrounds you from the moment you arrive. She is highly empathetic, can discern what you need, but also gives you the chance to talk if you want to. The treatment itself is very relaxing and you can keep the peaceful feeling going with the exercises she gives you to do for yourself. A beautiful result from a beautiful lady. “  Laurelle, UK, 2015

Want the Key for Abundant Physical & Mental Health, Love and Happiness?
Book your Energy Coaching or Healing Session with me! Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist & Artist, Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com