Chakra Healing

Chakras Energy Centres are are whirling energy wheels, which are responsible for distributing energies to organs, cells in different areas of your body.  All the chakras resonate on different frequencies and different colours can help balancing them. You can also affect your energy vibration by positive affirmations. 

Root Chakra
Safety, Security, Being Grounded

Sacral & Naval Chakra
Creativity, Passion

Solar Plexus Chakra
Self-Confidence, Inner Power

Heart Chakra
Unconditional Love

Throat Chakra
Expressing Your True Self

3rd Eye/Brow Chakra
Intuition, 6th Sense

Crown Chakra
Understanding & Connecting with the Universe

Soul Star Chakra
Activating Personal Power

Chakra Angels 

These are my channelled Chakra Angels. For every chakra one appeared along with the colour frequency. ..

Angel of Truth, Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Throat Chakra

Crown Chakra

Angel of Passion
Sacral Chakra

Angel of Intuition
3rd Eye Chakra

Angel of Confidence
Solar Plexus  Chakra

Angel of Safety
Root Chakra

Angel of Love
Heart Chakra

Angel of Healing
Heart Chakra

Most of my paintings are available as cards (A6) size, some as a A4 or A3 posters, some as canvas prints. Have a browse in my web shop or enquire about the options available for certain paintings. Than you.

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

Practitioner Member of the
UK Reiki Federation​

Have you ever had that strange feeling inside of you, when your heart wanted to take you down one road, but it didn't seem sensible, so you decided to  follow your mind, your logic?  

Yes, this is my story. ​In my twenties I felt a really strong urge to become an artist, but decided to do the sensible thing instead and went to become a commercial economist. Yes, really! Providing I was brought up in the communist Hungary it doesn't sound such a silly choice. 

Did I really regret it? On the one hand I did, because I do have a taste now of how it feels like creating something that gives so much joy for me during the process, and brings healing and happiness to my customers and clients.

On the other hand I didn't, because I do know for the fact that 25 years ago I would have gone down the traditional root to learn drawing and painting, and I wouldn't enjoy it as much, as I do now by channelling energy and turning it into spiritual, psychic  or angel art. ​

Now I can bring to life my paintings in one of two ways. Either have a certain emotion, idea to express, so I find the models for the subject, draw it, then paint it or use digital editing to transform it into its final look. These paintings are talking to your soul, evoking memories, emotions, reminding you, who you are..., so I call them Soul Wisdom Healing Art.

Or I channel my paintings. I learnt this style from my lovely friend, who is a talented psychic artist, Marilyn Fleishmann. When I feel like painting, I just sit down with my acrylics or soft pastels and a sheet of paper, tune in and start painting. This is when messages and healing energy arrive in the form of colours. This is my Celestial Healing Art.

On this page you can find examples for both. Enjoy!

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