Energy and Spiritual Guidance

Hi, I am Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist, Artist, Law of Attraction practitioner, with a mission to help people manage their energies more effectively for a more rewarding, happier and more abundant life.

Through these FREE readings I am sharing spiritual guidance along with holistic healing tools (insights into energy healing and LOA tools) that help you to control your energies on all levels: Mind, Body and Soul more effectively. As a result you raise your energy vibration and expand your consciousness.

I teach tools about how to calm your mind, balance your emotions and feel physically energised, happy and rewarded. Part of this process is to reveal to you how to balance your inner masculine and feminine energies so the wounded healer (Feminine) and the distorted warrior (Masculine) can be healed from old behaviour patterns and become their Divine, balanced selves, ultimately becoming able to unite in unconditional love.

CARD DECK: I am primarily using my own cards (currently under development, only one printed version exists) with my channelled paintings and channelled messages, incorporating my 9 years experience working with clients along with my in-depth knowledge of different energy healing modalities.

OTHER DECKS I might use: Angels of Abundance – Doreen Virtue, Energy Oracle – Sandra Anne Taylor, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms – Colette Baron-Reid, The Soul’s Journey – James Van Praagh, Archangel Power Tarot Cards – Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, Ethereal visions illuminated tarot – Matt Hughes, The original Rider Waite Tarot deck, etc.

ABOUT ME: I have been working as an energy healer and holistic coach since 2010, through Reiki therapy, Crystal healing, LOA Coaching, and teaching Qigong, self-healing art. My mission is to provide Soul-level empowerment. I help people, who don’t feel enough, or had enough, to connect with their higher nature for healing transformation.

PEOPLE I WORK WITH: I mainly work with generally healthy people, who needs guidance on their path, whether they have low self-esteem, just got out of a relationship and trying to find their feet, or are in a dead-end job…

I provide holistic and spiritual guidance to people who feel stressed, depressed, unable to switch their mind off…, sensitive intuitives, lightworkers, people in soulmate and twinflame connections, both women and men from all walks of life, who has an open mind and ready to step into their power to transform themselves and their reality for the better, in alignment with who they truly are.


I recorded these videos to get more insights into what these readings are about. I use different card decks in my readings, which I bought in, however my main focus is on my own 44 card deck (it is still ecolving), which I have painted, channelled and gathered around the subject of FEELING ENOUGH, Balancing Inner Masculine and Feminine energies.



I provide daily, weekly and occasional energy reading services for free, to guide you through the actual energies of the Universe, so you can navigate them easier and live a more fulfilling life.

I do different type of energy, holistic, love, abundance… readings, using my very own 44 card deck to deliver guidance and messages to you. They are built around the subject of Feeling enough and raise your self-worth, balance your masculine and feminine energies and leading you out of the matrix to the “land” of Unconditional Love. Talking to Lightworkers, Divine Feminine and Masculine counterparts of Twinflame relationships, those of you on the ascension path…

This is a timeless reading, which means, whenever you come across it, it will be the right message for you regarding health (BODY), love and your purpose (SOUL) and money flow (MIND).

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