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Hi, I am Eva, Energy Therapist & Artist. This project is very close to my heart, as it brings together most values I care about: love, peace, working towards the same purpose, creating something beautiful, bringing together children and adults, and people from all around the world to share the love. And the best part is you do not have to be an artist to participate in this project. You just need to have the intention of creating peace, sharing love and channelling your creativity into something uniquely you. So let me share with you some facts about the GAP for Peace.

What is GAP – Global Art Project for Peace?

“The idea is as simple as it is profound, to create world peace through art.” The Boston Globe 

Founder / Director: Katherine Josten

katherine2Katherine Josten is an artist, educator, speaker and Founder/Director of the Global Art Project for Peace, a multi-cultural celebration of peace and diversity that has actively involved 130,000 participants in 87 countries on seven continents.

Nominated for a 2002 UNESCO Peace Prize for Tolerance and Non-Violence, her work inspires personal and social evolution through creativity… The idea “We Are All One” expressed in Katherine Josten’s art is made real in the world through her Global Art Project for Peace.

Her Project gives people in local communities an opportunity to join together to form a cooperative global community.

13th Biennial Exchange 2018

The Global Art Project creates Peace through Art by:

  • “Connecting people around the world, who choose to create and share a vision of global peace.
  • Creating a living network of cooperation that can help to make the vision of peace a reality ˝
  • Focusing on the value of the arts as a pathway to understand the world as it is and to imagine how it might be
  • Connecting people of diverse cultural backgrounds, providing exposure to new ideas and a feeling of connection to the Whole
  • Healing feelings of separation, while helping to show that the world can be safe for diversity ˝
  • Exemplifying in concrete form that people can be different and unique, yet act together as integral members of one living organism — Earth.

The above is an insert from the GAP for Peace flyer. Download: Gap for Peace flyer.

Anyone Can Participate

“Participants create a work of art in any medium, expressing their vision of global peace and goodwill… The exchange occurs April 23-30 biennially, resulting in thousands of people sending messages of Peace around the world at one time—visions of unity simultaneously encircle the Earth. The art is sent as a gift of global friendship and exhibited in the receiving community.”

How to Participate?

Registration for the 2018 exchange is now open.

  1. Register
  2. March, 2018: CREATE — visual or literary art, audio or videotapes/CDs of performances, etc.
  3. April 1 – 22, 2018: DISPLAY or SHARE
  4. April 23 – 30, 2018: EXCHANGE
  5. SHARE the art which you’ve received from your GAP partner.

GAP poster 2018_small_c

Download the above poster to share.

GAP for Peace Press Release

2016 Global Art Project for Peace: Artists Join Worldwide for Peace Event

Tucson, Arizona, USA, April 20, 2016. 15,000 artists are joining in a worldwide, multicultural celebration of peace and diversity during the week of April 23 – 30. Organized through the Global Art Project for Peacethousands of messages of global goodwill will simultaneously encircle the Earth as artists exchange their personal expressions of Peace.

Each participant created a work of art expressing global peace. The art was exhibited or performed locally during the first three weeks of April. Global Art Project then organized an international exchange by matching participants—group-to-group and individual-to-individual—culminating in a worldwide art exchange as artists send their art to other participating artists around the world during the last week of April. The art is sent as a gift of global friendship and exhibited in the receiving community.

The Global Art Project for Peace has linked 145,000 participants in 87 countries on seven continents and was nominated for a UNESCO Prize. 200 Regional Coordinators have helped to organize the 2016 Global Art Project for Peace exchange in their area of the world.

A few examples of the thousands of 2016 participants shows their extraordinary diversity: Peace Corps workers in Morocco have coordinated individuals and 16 groups throughout Morocco including a music group, Daraa Tribes, in Tagounite; individuals and 24 schools in mainland China including Inner Mongolia with the collaboration of the Fine Art and Design Department and Education Department at Beijing Normal University—the University is hosting an exhibition of the art created and received; community groups of all ages, including Treesong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center, in Vancouver, Washington, USA; schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 100+ children at a school in the Australian outback; 500 students at Sabari Indian School in the United Arab Emirates; a school of 600, Gimnasia Femenino, in Bogota, Colombia; an art therapy group in Florence, Italy; many families including a mother and her sons in Hoor, Sweden…and many more thousands of participants.

Hundreds of schools in locations around the world are participating and involving thousands of students from kindergarten through graduate programs. Participating groups include art councils, artist cooperatives, music and dance groups, churches, corporations, libraries, Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, environmental and community groups, hospitals, women’s clubs, youth and senior programs, and YMCAs.

“The mission of the Global Art Project is to joyously create a culture of peace through art. For over 20 years the Project has been dedicated to the idea that ‘Peace cannot be achieved through violence. It can only be attained through understanding’. The Project has been a beacon of hope that peace is possible. It teaches that we are all responsible for creating our future through our choices and we can choose to create peace. Through the Global Art Project for Peace, participants in local communities are given an opportunity to join together to create a cooperative global community” Founder/Director, Katherine Josten.

The Global Art Project for Peace is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer organization. Organizers invite donations and sponsorships to support the Project. For additional information about the Global Art Project for Peace and how to get involved by participating, volunteering and/or funding the Project, visit

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The attached images and/or images on the Global Art Project website at may be downloaded for publication with this information. Higher resolution images and further documentation of the complete Project are available upon request.


I am a participating artist and volunteer in this project, which is close to my heart.

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