Energy Art, Angel Art, Spiritual Art

My art is about

    • healing colours
    • evoking subjects 
    • channelled messages

Together they provide you and your soul with supportive energies that

  • can calm you down, when you get stressed
  • uplift you, when you go through difficult periods of time in your life
  • help you keep your focus on your target, your desire, what you want to achieve in your private life / profession or with your business
  • help you connect with the spiritual realms for guidance, protection...

How can my artworks offer all of the above benefits?

Find it out from my article that's been featured in the American Law of Attraction Magazine:

Heal Through Eva's High Energy Paintings with Angels' Guidance
  • Colours, as other energies around you have an impact on your being on the physical.mental.emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Colours are the purest healing force in the Universe. They are light rays. which travel at different speed. As music talks to your soul colours do too.
  • They can change your mood, restore the energy flow in your body, that could have been disrupted by your diet, life style, traumas...

This is exactly ​how I am able to bring healing to your soul with my art and evoke emotions, memories from it that reminds you of who you are and encourages you to keep going ahead on your path.

I met the lovely Eva for a 1 to 1, so we could get to know each other a little bit better. As we talked Eva mentioned that she is an energy artist and she showed me a portfolio of her pictures. They were indeed all beautiful, but I have found myself drawn to one in particular. When I mentioned this to Eva she showed me them again as I looked at the one I found myself attracted to I could feel the energy of it coming off the page. The colours and the form somehow touched me somewhere deep inside and I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes and my heart begin to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before. It touched me deeply and continued to do so for the next several days. I asked Eva the meaning of the piece, and when she told me, it was something very relevant to me. Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her work and as I looked at it I was able to receive it. A truly unique experience and testament to the power of her work.

Lesley B.
Business Woman                 

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

My Art has been featured in cool places:

Have you ever had that strange feeling inside of you, when your heart wanted to take you down one road, but it didn't seem sensible, so you decided to  follow your mind, your logic?  

Yes, this is my story. ​In my twenties I felt a really strong urge to become an artist, but decided to do the sensible thing instead and went to become a commercial economist. Yes, really! Providing I was brought up in the communist Hungary it doesn't sound such a silly choice. 

Did I really regret it? On the one hand I did, because I do have a taste now of how it feels like creating something that gives so much joy for me during the process, and brings healing and happiness to my customers and clients.

On the other hand I didn't, because I do know for the fact that 25 years ago I would have gone down the traditional root to learn drawing and painting, and I wouldn't enjoy it as much, as I do now by channelling energy and turning it into spiritual, psychic  or angel art. ​

So drawing and painting really came ​to me, as the "side effect" of my self- and spiritual development. I am a self taught artist. My artist career started with going out one day and buying a book on How to draw fairies? As you do. :-) And then I used drawing and painting as an outlet for my emotions through portraits and whatever I have found appropriate to express them. This is how slowly I discovered my own style and purpose with painting.

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