High Energy Painting with Angels' Guidance

Colours & Channelled Art - a Powerful Combination to Raise Your Vibrations

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High Energy Channelled Painting

I connect easily with angels and I learnt a technique, called psychic art to be able to decode energy messages arriving from above, from the Angelic realm, from guides, etc., so you can receive healing colour combinations and energy messages just by looking at my paintings. 

They are helping you to cope with stress, emotional overwhelm... and those sometimes harsh energies that can be very uncomfortable, as they are pushing you to change. Through my high energy paintings, which affect your thoughts, emotions, even your physical body, the Universe and or the

Angels are guiding you to a more balanced and much happier life. 

Download this vibrant, beautiful picture to help you raise your energy vibrations, and lift your mood. 
With love Eva

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