Positive Affirmation Puzzle Art

Celestial Healing Art by Eva Maria Hunt

to raise your self, trust, self-confidence, self-esteem

I am Enough


These posters are fun and very useful, if you wish to raise your confidence. The self-help positive affirmation puzzle art means the first letter of each adjective that describes you in a positive and uplifting way, read together forms a Positive affirmation. 

For example: I am enough. I am enough Love. The picture features my artwork: The Angel of Love The message of the picture is: Love

How they work? Read article

I am Confident


I am Safe


Most of my paintings are available as cards (A6) size, some as a A4 or A3 posters, some as canvas prints. Have a browse in my web shop or enquire about the options available for certain paintings. Thank you. 

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

Have you ever had that strange feeling inside of you, when your heart wanted to take you down one road, but it didn't seem sensible, so you decided to  follow your mind, your logic?  

Yes, this is my story. ​In my twenties I felt a really strong urge to become an artist, but decided to do the sensible thing instead and went to become a commercial economist. Yes, really! Providing I was brought up in the communist Hungary it doesn't sound such a silly choice. 

Did I really regret it? On the one hand I did, because I do have a taste now of how it feels like creating something that gives so much joy for me during the process, and brings healing and happiness to my customers and clients.

On the other hand I didn't, because I do know for the fact that 25 years ago I would have gone down the traditional root to learn drawing and painting, and I wouldn't enjoy it as much, as I do now by channelling energy and turning it into spiritual, psychic  or angel art. ​