Law of Attraction Coaching

Which area of your life is lacking? What problems are you struggling with? 

Are you a successful business woman, who is struggling to find
work / life balance?

Is your relationship suffocating you, and as a result your creativity & productivity suffers?

Are you someone, who never seem to have enough money, however hard you work?

Maybe you don't like your profession, you feel you can be more,  or different. leaving behind low self-esteem?

Linda, UK

"When I came to see Eva I was blocked up, out of control, over-emotional and unable to balance myself. My relationship was on the rocks and I lost my confidence. After a few coaching sessions I felt really good, more positive. Actually  I was on Cloud 9 for 10 days."

Annie, UK

"My work takes over my life. I feel I have to prove myself. I doubt myself a lot, and I am a control freak. Since I had Law of Attraction coaching with Eva I learnt to say NO to people more easily. I feel valued, guided, really good and resourceful, achieving my purpose and work list. I get everything done. I decided there is time for everything."

Marie, UK

"I like my job, but the financial burdens, the uncertainty, the fluctuation in customer numbers make me feel really worried about my future, as I am self-employed. These worries had an impact on my creativity and my relationship. Since I have been working with Eva, as my Law of Attraction coach, I feel stronger, calmer, more confident and more creative. My life is so much happier."

You can change it all! Take the first step now!
Learn energy techniques, create new habits
that work for you & effortlessly bring in the results.

"Life wants you to win, please step out of your own way." Robin Sharma

Let me set you free of your limiting beliefs!

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

Law of Attraction Practitioner

I am a commercial Economist by profession with a Bachelors degree. When I left Hungary 10 years ago I was a sceptic, materialistically minded and as far away from being an energy therapist as possible.

In the last 6 years my life has changed completely. I based it on my inner compass, my intuition, and it lead me to a life I have never imagined I could live.

During this time I learnt from the best in the field, spiritual leaders, scientists, energy healers from all over the world. I attended courses, read countless books, went to seminars, conferences, it became part of my everyday life to educate and better myself. As a result I healed myself during the years and decided to help others.

I am a walking example of how the law of attraction can change your reality. So wherever you are on this scale between sceptic and spiritual I can relate to it.

There is a lot out there about the LOA, and not knowing all the fact creates misconceptions. Many people believe that The Law of Attraction is for example, wishful thinking, OR positive thinking only OR an instant source of gratification and happiness. They are half-truths at best. However the LOA is something extremely POWERFUL that can turn your life around.

I have found my purpose thanks for the LOA, and I have been using it not only for my own benefits, but for 5 years now also to empower my clients. I have seen them transitioning in front of my eyes into their better, happier gorgeous self.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the primal function of the Universe. Your physical body is the densest layer in your energy field, which is radiating, vibrating on a certain frequency, sending out energy waves to the Universe.

The level of your vibration is determined by the quality of your thoughts and emotions. So what are your daily habits? Are you a worrier? Is your mind flooded by negative thoughts?… It could be a problem, because the Law of attraction delivers you everything that matches the frequency radiating out of your energy field. It works with the theory: “Like Attracts Like”.

Well, the good news is you have a fantastic super power! You can consciously raise your vibration and change your life.

Let me set you free of your limiting beliefs, correct your frequency and help you USE your super power in the right way to manifest what you really want!

Law of Attraction Coaching

The Law of Attraction is all about energy vibrations. It gives exactly what you have deep inside of you, because “Like attracts Like”. So if you are full of fears, worries, anxiety and negative thoughts you are radiating on a low frequency and you are attracting the lack of things… 

During the Law of Attraction sessions I help you develop an awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and daily energy habits that can set you up for success instead of failure. We assess your perception in order to find limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back from living the life you want. 

I help you adjust your frequency and raise your energy vibration by teaching you:

How to weed out negative thoughts and thinking patterns. Your mind is very powerful, however it is a two-edged sword. It can help you to manifest your dreams and happiness, OR your fears as lack of money, unhappy relationships…

How to build a better relationship with your emotions, which also play an important role in raising your vibration.

Techniques and tools to enable you to gradually purge negativity from your system, and helping you to keep your high energy vibrations by implementing new daily habits in your life that bring you abundance: love, friendship, job, money...

Cinthia UK

I was scared to talk to people. I felt vulnerable emotionally. I didn't feel secure even in my own life.  I worked a lot, and I craved respect. I got to the point, when I couldn't enjoy anything. I dropped my hobbies, exercise... I came for Law of Attraction coaching and my self-esteem started to improve. I learnt to respect myself, I accepted myself and my situation. As a result I had enough courage  to change jobs and start with a clean slate. I feel so much better, balanced and more confident than ever before.

Do you feel like people taking advantage of you?
They don't treat you with the respect you deserve?
You feel that you are not heard, you don't have a voice?
You feel vulnerable and insecure with others?


It doesn't need to be like this. It's possible to raise your self-esteem, your level of confidence and step into your inner power!

"You must find the place inside of yourself, where nothing is impossible." Deepak Chopra