Do you dream about  Becoming The Best Version of You?  Feeling Confident...? Doing what you love...? Feeling Good About Yourself?...

And then suddenly You are back to reality feeling the weight of thoughts, emotions, events haunting you from your past, the limiting beliefs that confined you and let you believe you are, who others thought you were or wanted you to become … and then you realise you are stuck!

You feel you are more, you are different inside to what you dare to show to the world. You kind of know what you should be doing, but have no idea how to get there. You start and stop again, getting even more stuck, doubting yourself, becoming disappointed, loosing faith… in yourself… It doesn't need to be like this!

Don't hide any more! Let me help you to set the Real You FREE!

Energy Coaching: Positive Self Worth Blueprint 
Accept, Nurture and Celebrate Your Unique Energies and Inner Gifts to live a Rewarding and Happy Life!

And not just a life of anyone’s dreams, Your very Own Creative, Productive, Magical… Life!
And YES! that means FREEDOM from your own limitations.

    • No need to FEEL INFERIOR any more!
    • No more beating yourself up for NOT BEING PERFECT!
    • No more SEEKING OTHERS’ APPROVAL on How to Live Your Life!

I have helped more than a 100 women with Energy Coaching in the last 6 years to become the Best Version of Themselves. 

When I work with you… I see your potential and I hand you energy tools, my knowledge and my experience to guide your hand how to get in touch with all that wisdom inside of you to become the best version of you.

Jenny ClarkeGloucester, UK

"Eva Maria is wonderful Reiki therapist and Energy Coach - she helped me so much at a time in my life when I needed understanding, patience and support. She was extremely professional, a great listener and helped me re-frame what was really important in my life. When I went to Eva, I was very low, anxious and full of fear - now with her guidance I feel like I am finally on the path I was destined to tread and I am so grateful. I often talk about my experience with Eva and would 100% recommend her services!"

I have been consciously walking my path for a while now… I fell down and got up so many times, I lost count of it...

I have reached MAGICAL HIGHS, feeling like flying (no substances involved), when everything seemed to fall into place, really living my dreams... And there were the HORRIBLE LOWS… the darkest times, when I would rather ripped my own heart out than keep living my life in constant, intense emotional pain. Obviously I couldn’t do that, so I had no other choice, but learn how to transform it…

Therefore I have tremendous first hand experience in getting to know and transforming my SELF along with helping others to do the same, when working with my clients. I am happiest, when I can help others, so you are no exception. If you let me:

I HELP … you get in touch with your own RESOURCES, GUIDANCE and POWER.

I GIVE… (this is my nature) I give you my knowledge, experience, attention, understanding and lots of useful tools to transform your current habits into your very own SUPPORT SYSTEM.

I TEACH… about the invisible parts of your energy field, which holds the MASTER KEY to your happiness.

I HOLD… a safe healing space for you, so you can FACE the part of you that hiding in the SHADOWS and holds you back, in order to FREE yourSELF.


I was scared to talk to people. I felt vulnerable emotionally. I didn't feel secure even in my own life. I worked a lot, and I craved respect. I got to the point, when I couldn't enjoy anything. I dropped my hobbies, exercise... I came for Law of Attraction coaching and my self-esteem started to improve. I learnt to respect myself, I accepted myself and my situation. As a result I had enough courage to change jobs and start with a clean slate. I feel so much better, balanced and more confident than ever before.

My new coaching program. 

Coaching: Positive Self Worth Blueprint 

You can get access to my complete energy toolbox

To all the techniques, energy tools I work with. My method is to combine Eastern wisdom with Western living to enable you to look after not only your physical body, but your energy body too (including your thoughts and emotions), to give you the tools to intervene and shift your energies as and when you need it to live a more balanced, more creative and productive life.

My method

I fuse Law of Attraction coaching with Energy healing techniques, Mindfulness, Qigong (Chinese Yoga), Meditation techniques, Guided visualisation, Science and Spirituality, Logic and Intuition, to provide you with a wider picture of who you are and how you can take control over your own success in life.

3 different reasons to come for Energy Coaching 

From the 6 years experience, working with amazing women I realised they fall into 3 different categories:​

1. Some people are well balanced most of the time, but stress or an unexpected turn in their life causes a turmoil. They only need a quick review of where they went wrong, or a boost of confidence and energy burst to get them back on track​. - We work on finding ways that suits your lifestyle to recharge your mind body and soul. Usually takes 4 sessions (approx. 1 month).

2. Others have issues with a certain area in their life, like low self-esteem and are in need of a bit more guidance from me, and work on themselves to enable them to manifest their dreams. - We are focusing on one area of your life deeper, whilst trying to balance some others, like love/relationship, money, job, finding your path, tackling your fears, pealing off limiting beliefs... usually takes 4 - 12 sessions (approx. 1-3 months)

3. And then there are those, who are on a mission to find their path or finally they had enough of repressing their emotions, pleasing others and they want to show the world, who they really are, come out of their shell and start living their dreams. - We work on changing your perception of yourself and your world. Raising your self worth, digging deep to find the underlying issues, peeling off "labels", self-limitation. Preparing you for a happier, more rewarding future. Can take anything between 6 months and 2 years.

I work with women from all walks of life

Every one of us are unique with different challenges and different energy Blueprint to fulfil our destiny. And we are at different stages in our life. Some people are self-starters and go all the way, until they reach what they want, others need more encouragement, reassurance, guidance... Some get to walk their path consciously earlier, others later. The age range of women I work with is between 22 and 55.

When they reach a dead end in their life I help to open new doors for them, lift them up to heights where from they can see their life from a very different perspective. Then I give them the energy tools that help them to raise and maintain their energy vibration to keep going forward, when being true to themselves and making conscious decisions about their life.

7 Modules - a little taster of what we cover in the sessions

Please note all packages are completely customised to your needs.
These are the modules you get access to in the 6 months package and we use parts of this as a base for the shorter ones.

Know Who You Are
in order to build the right relationship with Your Self

  • Your Own Energy Blueprint
  • Your Energy Systems

Realise what holds you back
from having a healthy self-worth and living the life you want

  • Reset Your Self-Worth-O-Meter
  • Limiting beliefs, Fears, Worries

Let go of control and build your trust with The Universe to feel safe and to be able to manifest your dreams

  • Learn the language of the Universe
  • Law of Attraction Tools

Learn to deal with your emotions
in order to relax, boost your energies, find balance

  • Energy Self-Care
  • Energy Tools: Qigong, Breathing...

Get out of your head and trust your inner guidance system
to be able to rely on your intuition

  • How to Calm Your Mind
  • How to develop your intuition

Find work/life balance 
in order to create time for yourself

  • The Importance of "Me Time"
  • Setting Boundaries

Find Your Path/Purpose/Calling

  • Understand where you come from
  • Find your passion!

"My work takes over my life. I feel I have to prove myself. I doubt myself a lot, and I am a control freak. Since I had Law of Attraction coaching with Eva I learnt to say NO to people more easily. I feel valued, guided, really good and resourceful, achieving my purpose and work list. I get everything done. I decided there is time for everything."

I haven't always been an Energy Therapist. 

By profession I am a commercial economist with a Bachelors degree. When I left Hungary 10 years ago I was a sceptic, materialistically minded and as far away from being an energy therapist as possible.

In the last 6 years my life has changed completely. I based it on my inner compass, my intuition, and it lead me to a life I have never imagined I could live.

During this time I learnt from the best in the field, spiritual leaders, scientists, energy healers from all over the world. I attended courses, read countless books, went to seminars, conferences, it became part of my everyday life to educate and better myself. As a result I healed myself during the years and decided to help others.

I am a walking example of how the law of attraction can change your reality. So wherever you are on this scale between sceptic and spiritual I can relate to it.

There is a lot out there about the LOA, and not knowing all the fact creates misconceptions. Many people believe that The Law of Attraction is for example, wishful thinking, OR positive thinking only OR an instant source of gratification and happiness. They are half-truths at best. However the LOA is something extremely POWERFUL that can turn your life around.

I have found my purpose thanks for the LOA, and I have been using it not only for my own benefits, but for 5 years now also to empower my clients. I have seen them transitioning in front of my eyes into their better, happier gorgeous self.

What is Self Worth Coaching?

 Is it like Law of Attraction Coaching or Energy Coaching?

Similarities & Differences

Energy Coaching, Self-worth and Law of Attraction coaching are very similar to each other in the sense of what we are working on is, fine tuning your energy vibration. The difference is the area we are focusing on.

Energy coaching is about helping you to understand what parts of your daily habits / weekly activities / life-style drains your energies. For example constant stress, being surrounded by negative people, lack of self-love, etc. or the combination of all can result in energy loss, which if un-adressed and un-treated can lead to mental and physical illnesses, such as depression. By learning about which areas are draining you, you can make changes by introducing energy exercises and other energy tools to balance out the effects of harmful activities and enable you to make an informed decision to change your job, leave an unhealthy relationship, etc.

Law of Attraction Coaching is based on a Universal Law, which is all about energy vibrations. the Law of Attraction gives you exactly what you have deep inside of you, because “Like attracts Like”. So if you are full of fears, worries, anxiety and negative thoughts you are radiating on a low frequency and you are attracting the lack of things…

During the Law of Attraction sessions I help you develop an awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and daily energy habits that can set you up for success instead of failure. We assess your perception in order to find limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back from living the life you want, improving your finances, relationships, physical health, etc.

Self-worth coaching is focusing on your self-worth issues. Please see the 7 modules above that we cover during this kind of coaching. 

I can relate to my clients' problems, issues, not only because of the many experiences I had on my spiritual journey, but I am also a sensitive intuitive, which means I can connect with you deeply, and literally "feel for you".​

I help you to relax, heal, energise and raise your vibration by teaching you breathing techniques, easy meditation techniques, effective Qigong (Chinese Yoga) exercises... I help you to use the healing power of colours and crystals, energy art...

Being an energy healer I have many tried and tested techniques in helping to calm your mind, strengthening your mindfulness muscles, controlling your emotions, as during the last 6 years I have been specialising in emotional healing and the self worth area.

Let me set you free of your limiting beliefs, correct your frequency and help you to feel free, happy, rewarded and become the person you always wanted to be. 


I just had to send my gratitude to you again. I feel incredible. I really feel I found the path again and it is really all thanks to your guidance.

Book your FREE  20 minutes Skype consultation with me via email to find out whether we are right for each other. 

Coaching: Positive Self Worth Blueprint 

What's included? 

  • Every session is customised to your needs with energy tools that fit in your view of the world and life style.
  • Email support
  • 20% Discount, when purchasing my handmade healing crystal jewellery and energy art posters, cards. etc

There are two types of packages:

Skype: Web Packages

  • Web coaching via Skype - audio and video calls
  • Sessions supported by pdf files, audio files, slide shows, etc.
  • Session lengths: 1 hour 
  • £50.00/ for a one off session or Sign up for 4 sessions to receive 20% discount £160.00 (£40.00/session)

In person: Live Packages

  • Live coaching, in person, 1 to 1 sessions in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK, 
  • with additional energy treatments: Reiki Therapy and Crystal Healing
  • everything that's included in the web packages
  • Session lengths: 1.5 hours 
  • £75.00/for a one off session or Sign up for 4 sessions to receive 20% discount £240.00 (£60.00/session)

Book your FREE  20 minutes Phone or Skype consultation with me via email to find out whether we are right for each other. 


Eva is a truly positive energy force in her own right. Coupled with her skills as an energy therapist, this makes her invaluable to anyone wishing to explore their energy or improve their success and well-being. I immediately felt an impact from visiting her. She explains clearly and patiently how the world of energy works and makes all her interactions very relevant to your own personal circumstances and requirements. Her reiki sessions were probably the most relaxed moments in my life so far. Very much recommend.