Qigong Workshop Nov

Balanced Living – Qigong Workshop, The Belmore Centre, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury


10:45 -12:15 Saturday 17th November 2018

Places are limited. Booking is essential. Please book yours by clicking on the “Buy Now” button:

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Winter is all about Life Force Energy and the organs that store it, the kidneys. As everything in the Universe, our body is made of two seemingly opposite forces, Yin and Yang, Darkness and Light, Masculine and Feminine Water and Fire… They are the essential parts to create a balanced whole. The question is how can you work with fire and water without burning yourself out or draining yourself in the sea of emotions.

Our body and energy field has Yin and Yang energies. In this workshop the exercises are focused around creating and working with Yin and Yang to cleanse and vitalise our kidneys and our entire energy system. So our kidneys can hold more of the Life Force Energy and utilise it more efficiently.

With the meditation in this workshop we are awakening self-compassion.

What is qigong?

Qigong for Health is a physical practice of intention to repair, restore and revive your Body, Mind & Soul. It is a powerful tool of self-healing combining physical exercises with the power of breathing and mindfulness to gain control over your Life Force Energy/Qi/Chi to enhance your quality of life.

Some of the benefits of a Qigong for Health practise:
Boosts your immune system
Helps with weight control
Improves circulation (arthritis, chronic fatigue)
Balances your emotions
Reduces stress levels…

What my Students say about Qigong?

“I am really struggling with meditation and Eva introduced me to Qigong to see whether it helps me to find peace. I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to do, the movements are enjoyable and I finally managed to switch my mind off and connected with my own energy. Brilliant!” Claire, UK

“It’s amazing how my energy changes during a Qigong session. I suffer from anxiety and feel stressed most of the time. When I take time out for Qigong I feel so much calmer and more in control of my mind and emotions.” Theresa, UK

“I am shocked to find out I don’t breathe the right way. Who thought that’s possible? Since Eva taught me how to breathe properly my headaches are gone and I can focus easier and for longer.” Lisa, UK

Come and join us to experience this beautiful self-healing art.
Limited places, booking in advance is essential. Any problems with booking, please contact me: email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

“Ancient wisdom of balanced living in the 21st century.” Eva Maria Hunt