Reiki for Physical Pain

When you have physical pain it is very likely its cause is rooted in the emotional, mental, sometimes even on the spiritual plain. Many people experiences chronic pain, going from one doctor to another, and settle to learn to live with it. Lots of them take medication, which can mask the pain, however the root of the issue doesn’t disappear, as it lies somewhere else.

Reiki can be helpful to treat tennis elbow, back pain, arthritis, sport injuries… It's also amazing in taking down inflammation, so after an operation it really speeds up the healing process. It reduces the healing time of injuries, reduces swelling, accelerates the healing of wounds, strains…

John, UK

"I like to look after my body, so I go to the gym regularly. Reiki really helps to relax my muscles after heavy workouts."

Sue, UK

"I suffer from fibromyalgia, which makes my life very difficult. Since I have been having Reiki treatments I feel so much better. It not only makes me feel calmer, more relaxed, most of my pain is also gone."

Rowan, UK

"Tennis elbow is an issue that runs in my family. During the Reiki treatment I felt warmth in my arm and a strange feeling in my head. After the session my pain was gone. I don't believe it! Amazing."

Don't let the pain ruin your life!
Give this absolutely natural, no risk treatment a try! 

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

Practitioner Member of the
UK Reiki Federation​

My journey as a healer / energy therapist started in 2010, when I became a Reiki Practitioner and established my business, Spiritual Wonders in holistic healing to help women to step into their inner power and live their life to their full potential.

Reiki is an amazing healing energy. I was drawn to it at a very difficult period of my life, when I got depressed. It helped me to realise my own healing abilities and the skills I have, to help others.

When I treat my clients with Reiki Energy I am not only channelling this healing light, but also give my clients tools, energy techniques to enable them to hold onto this high frequency energy for longer, therefore offering them a chance to feel relaxed, balanced, focused or living without pain for longer. They then can learn to manage their energies, create new habits and prosper on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.​

Reiki is an Energy Healing Method

Reiki Healing is an amazing, subtle and very effective energy healing method. It is being practised in every country of the world and being accepted as a complementary therapy in more and more hospitals in many countries including U.S.A and United Kingdom. Currently it is mostly being used by practitioners at their own practise and hospices.

“In the UK and around the world, the benefits of Reiki are beginning to be recognized by the community. As a result of this Reiki is now being used, mainly on a voluntary basis, in a wide variety of settings in the UK, including many parts of the National Health Service. For example at the University College Hospital in London both full-time and part-time practitioners have been employed to give Reiki to patients, particularly those with life threatening diseases. The UK Reiki Federation has a “Pioneers” group and this includes members who are working with Reiki in hospitals or hospices, mainly on a voluntary basis.” (Source: Example of Hospitals & Healthcare Establishments using Reiki – UK Reiki Federation)

Usui Reiki

I learnt Usui Reiki, which comes from Dr. Mikao Usui hence the name. My lineage can be tracked back to him. It was a well kept secret of how to carry out a Reiki treatment for a long time and the symbols used in the practise are still mostly being treated as a sacred, therefore secret information. The healing method, the different hand positions were being passed down by word of mouth until recently, when it is widely available to learn. Some people only use it for self-healing, others like I do, heal others. Although saying that in this type of healing method the client’s willingness to heal and get better is also very important.

Reiki is very effective and can treat many different health problems. It can be seen as an energy medicine.

Your Reiki Session

“If Reiki can be spread throughout the world it will touch the human heart and the morals of society. It will be helpful for many people, not only healing disease, but the Earth as a whole.” Dr Mikao Usui

I am sure as you are reading about your Reiki your are thinking: "It's all brilliant, but will it work for me?"Try to imagine that you are more than your physical body, with an amazing, for most of us invisible, energy system working in and around your body. 

Reiki is a high frequency energy, which works very well with your own Life Force Energy that flows through you and feeds you with vital energy every moment of your life. You are able to channel Life Force Energy as it is your birthright. However Reiki can only be channelled by people, who are attuned to it. Thanks for the attunement the practitioner is able to access Reiki energy and uses  specific symbols to channel it through his/her own chakra centres (energy centres). When Reiki is being brought to you it enters your energy flow through your chakra centres, and it is capable of breaking down energy blockages, which were created as a result of your energy being responding to certain events in your life i.e.  mental and emotional shocks… and as I referred to it at the beginning it will all manifest in your physical body after a while. This is why you are in pain right now.

Reiki can work as a preventative method to avoid these energy blockages manifest as a physical illness in your body, or can aid to heal existing illnesses faster and more effectively by treating the root cause.

Don't let the pain ruin your life!
Give this absolutely natural, no risk treatment a try!