What is My New Book About? 

Videos, Pics & Comments from The Book Launch Party 27/09/16

Just a comment, quite relevant I think. I firmly believe that Eva is a healer herself. As a person. You can feel it clearly when you spend time with her.  I am sure that makes her art so powerful and heartwarming.

Judit Hargitay
PR, Hungary

Your voice is very soothing, nurturing and inspiring. It is most apparent that you ARE totally committed in your work for Spirit and serving mankind too. I wish you every success in your publication and am so pleased that your video is also available on Youtube. Congratulations!!!!! Congratulations!!!! lotsa luv Marilyn 

Marilyn Fleishmann  
Psychic Artist - www.psychicartlife.com

So when you paint, do you see the image in your mind and paint or is your hand literally guided? Or do you get a message, that you have to interpret into an image? (sorry question is a bit babbled) xx 

Sarah Brill
Nail Artist & Reiki Healer

Well, thank you for your question. It's all of that, really. Intuition is the key in my opinion in connecting with your inner wisdom and the Universe. And when I channel paintings I decode messages from the angels and the receiver who looks at my art is able to work with it through her/his intuition. Here is a story about how the conscious mind can derail us from this sacred connection.

The Golden River & Healing with The Angel of Abundance

Channelling is really a state of being, when I surrender and become a vessel for the energy pouring down to me. When I sat down to connect with the Angel of Abundance everything went really well. I was in the “flow”, the picture just started to appear, which is an interesting feeling, almost like watching someone else painting using my hands to create the picture. Really weird, but very exciting process! So I had this human lady standing on the right side of the paper, The Angel of Abundance appearing on the left hand side, and they are starring at each other.

Then my conscious mind had an idea. And started creeping into my creative process: “Oh, Abundance!” “That’s a Golden River” “Liquid Gold pouring down from the sky, separating these two beings from each other.” So without realising I lost the “wifi connection with the Divine” I was painting the river. Of course it didn’t feel right. So I put Golden glitter on it. Nothing has changed. It still didn’t feel right. Then I put healing gemstone chips in my gorgeous Golden Yellow Acrylic river to change its energy. Still nothing. And then it down upon me. Holy crap, I am in my own mind again! So I scraped off the river carefully, as I was tuning back in, and guess what? There were the veils of consciousness hidden behind it, separating (from the material view point) & also connecting (from the spiritual point of view) these two beings together. Yaaaaay!

I think that is the hardest thing for us to do, listen to intuition rather than what our mind is telling. I am learning to do this more and more xo 

Sarah Brill
Nail Artist & Reiki Healer

Eva darling......you had the COURAGE to follow your inner feelings and prompting.......may your Beautiful World continue to expand and develop and may your light become a beacon for All!! God bless lotsa luv marilyn xxxx 

Marilyn Fleishmann
Psychic Artist, UK

How to use my book?

Fabulous! Thank you for sharing. Your book will be on my Christmas list and hopefully someone will buy it for me xx

Sarah Brill

It's been a thrilling two hours......so much positive energy and excitement......sending my luv to you..... and please keep us posted???.......byyeeee luv marilyn xxxxxx

Marilyn Fleishmann

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