Does Self-Help Worth the Hassle?

I believe it depends on who you ask. If you ask someone, who is unable to take responsibility for their life and actions and blame everyone else, but themselves for their issues, or too lazy to implement what they learn, their answer might be:”No, it’s absolutely useless.” However if you ask someone, who would like to be able to change their daily habits in order to become more balanced emotionally, mentally, physically or make steps towards developing themselves, that type of person will say “Yes, it definitely is working and helped me so much”.

If you are still reading you are very likely to be the type of person, who would like to become empowered and able to adjust their own energy settings to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

How can you help yourself in the Energy Healing arena?

I can honestly say, this is the best area for self-help! You can learn very effective techniques, which applied at the right time, can bring amazing results.

Here is an example. I worked it out during the years that I cannot go on shopping trips, because after like half an hour I feel the urge of running out of the building. As I later found out I am a sensitive intuitive, and the energy information my subconscious receives, when I am being surrounded by hundreds of people is so overwhelming, my system goes into a melt-down. So I read many self-help books to find a remedy to this problem and finally I have found a tool that really helps. A quartz crystal hung on a long chain, right in front of my Solar Plexus chakra, enables me to stay longer in crowded places and even enjoy my time. So I made some necklaces with Clear Quartz and Smokey Quartz even Rose Quartz, if you wish to try them out for yourself.

Tip 9 Protection Clear Q

The Solar Plexus chakra is right underneath your rib cage and it is a place energetically like a radar system, constantly sweeping your surroundings and detecting other energies around you. When you wear the crystal, it is blocking others’ energies, so you can keep your own energies intact, i.e. you are energetically protected for a while.

In the Vibrational Healing/Energy Healing section of my website you can find a brief introduction to holistic healing and the human energy system.

In the Self-Help section you can find essential oils, guided visualisations, online courses and self-help books in the energy healing subject.


With love