Essential Oils

Essential oils work with our sense of smell. As fragrances are energy waves they have an impact on how we feel. The part of the brain, which processes smell is a very powerful one, as it's a primary function to smell fire or gone off food, so we are able to stay alive. Certain smells can trigger certain  memories too, infused with deep emotions. Certain fragrances lift our mood, others have a relaxing, calming effect.

Essential oils can be extracted from flowers, roots, berries, which then can be used, as a vibrational healing tool, which affects your energies on four different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.‚Äč

Neil's Yard Remedies

I purchase my 100% pure essential oils from NYR Organic Remedies, based in London, England. 

The products have amazing quality, and organic ingredients. They are beautifully presented and reasonably priced. It's easy to fall in love with nature's beautiful products made with love and care. 

Are you feeling down? In need of relaxation? Could do with a little pampering...?

Essential oils can lift your mood, calm your nerves or stimulate your mind to help you focus. Browse my website and find what can help you right now to feel balanced and happy again.